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Another Vatican Diplomatic Blunder

It is beyond ironic, and it borders on the scandalous, that the lesson of the Reichskonkordat debacle — paper promises mean nothing to totalitarians — has not been learned in the Vatican, which now appears to be on the verge of repeating its mistake by completing a deal with the government of the People’s Republic of China, on the 85th anniversary of the Vatican’s deal with Nazi Germany.

ISIS, Genocide, and Us

Gratuitous destruction of ancient cultural centers and artifacts is now underway wherever the black flag of the Islamic State, ISIS, is raised in Iraq and Syria. And so is another genocide, this time of Christians.

Why Ben Carson’s Nazi Analogies Matter

Rhetorical recklessness damages our political culture as well as conservatism, a philosophy that should be grounded in prudence, moderation and self-restraint.

Pius XII, Co-Conspirator in Tyrannicide

The new book Church of Spies does not, and cannot, settle the question of whether Pope Pius XII should have spoken out plainly and unmistakably in condemnation of the Holocaust, but the book ought to end the “Hitler’s Pope” nonsense.

When Dad is the Devil

The stories of 20 dictators and their children are a dark prism through which to view the 20th and early 21st centuries. But the psychology is irresistibly fascinating.

Remembering “The Few”

The magnificent stories of the heroes of the Battle of Britain are now largely forgotten.

The Man Who Loved Hitler

A new biography of Josef Goebbels depicts a man consumed by personal ambition, the fate of German culture, and the raving hatred propagated by his master.

A Seventh Note

A new book on the siege of Leningrad does valuable service to the city’s years of supreme ordeal and the famous tribute by the composer Dmitri Shostakovich.

Lessons from Dietrich von Hildebrand

The wisdom of Catholics who resisted the Third Reich offers some guidance to those today who grapple with the quandaries of political modernity.