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HHS Proposes Title X Rule to Refund Planned Parenthood

The Biden administration is attempting to reverse Trump administration regulations that blocked Title X funds from subsidizing abortions.

The FDA Under Biden – Here’s How Drug Safety, Public Health Issues Are Being Compromised

The Biden administration’s instant political dismissal of key public health and FDA safety programs, without any reasonable transition, not only dissolved great ideas and threw away decades of expertise and insight – it wasted taxpayer money.

Xavier Becerra Is a Poor Choice for HHS Secretary

For many active Christians and Catholics, and others of goodwill who respect the free exercise of religion and religious beliefs, Xavier Becerra’s nomination indicates that Joe Biden’s aspiration to unify a divided country was simply empty rhetoric.

INTERVIEW: Trump’s Former Chief of HHS’ Office of Civil Rights Explains His Lawsuit Against the Biden Administration

Roger Severino was asked to step down before his term on the Council of the Administrative Conference of the United States ended. Now, he has filed a suit against the Biden White House for firing him after he refused to resign.

Biden Raises the Stakes on the Becerra Nomination

At the same time that he rescinded the Mexico City policy last week, President Joe Biden also directed the Department of Health and Human Services to consider undoing another pro-life policy, which prohibits abortion providers from claiming federal funding under the Title X family-planning program.

No, HHS Did Not ‘Ban Words’

A story about supposed censorship at the Centers for Disease Control probably tells us more about the attitudes and assumptions of the career officials in various HHS offices than about the political appointees of the administration they are now supposed to be working for.

A Gratuitous Assault on Religious Liberty

The entire fight about religious liberty created by the administration’s mandate that employers who offer health insurance must include coverage for free access to some abortive and contraceptive drugs is a culture war of choice on the part of the Obama White House.

Beware of a Supreme Court ‘Solution’ for the Little Sisters

The Supreme Court would do great harm to religious liberty if imposed a “solution” in the Little Sisters case that produces the outcome the administration has been seeking all along.

EPPC Supports Little Sisters of the Poor in Supreme Court

In an amicus brief, the Ethics and Public Policy Center argues that the Supreme Court should deliver a victory to the Little Sisters of the Poor and the other religious nonprofits who are challenging the legality of the Obama administration’s so-called “accommodation” on its HHS contraceptive mandate.

Keeping Catholic Schools Catholic

Will the Church be allowed to staff its schools with teachers who teach and live what the Catholic Church believes and teaches, hiring those who meet those criteria and declining to employ those who don’t? Or will the state try to coerce Catholic schools to employ teaching staff according to other criteria?