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Why Donald Trump May Lose Influence in the Republican Party

Common wisdom holds that former president Donald Trump remains the dominant force within the Republican Party. The truth is that his personal influence and standing are not as powerful as many imagine, and his power is as likely to decline as it is to increase.

Republicans Won an Election in a Heavily Latino Texas City. Democrats Should Be Nervous.

Democrats are goners throughout the Southwest if Republicans can ever seriously compete for Hispanic voters.

Trump Is Marching Down the Road to Political Violence

The Republican Party must counteract lies rather than indulge them.

Dear GOP: Move on From Trump Without Repudiating His Voters

Yes, the GOP needs a new leader. Yet the way to move on from Trump is to move on from Trump, instead of keeping the political world revolving around him.

Elise Stefanik Could Be Just What the GOP Needs

Rep. Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) seems tapped to succeed Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) as the third-ranking member of House Republican leadership. Despite misgivings among more conservative members of the party, Stefanik could be just the type of new leader the GOP needs.

Liz Cheney’s Biggest Problem Has Nothing to Do with Trump

It’s ultimately unimportant whether Liz Cheney holds on to her leadership position. Resolving the disputes that have led to that contest, however, will be crucial for a Republican Party that wants to regain power.

The Battle Cry for a Post-Trump GOP

Rejuvenating the Republican Party will depend on examples of leadership, vision and a base ready to reembrace conservatism’s highest ideals.

The GOP Is a Grave Threat to American Democracy

The best thing those who love the Republican Party can do for it is to speak the truth about it.

The Republican Party Needs Union Workers

Amazon’s victory over attempts to unionize its Bessemer, Ala., warehouse surely gladdens the hearts of many anti-union Republicans. But a party that wants to be representative of America’s working class must have a more constructive reaction.

What’s Next for Republicans?

Today, a new fusionism is forming that evaluates social, economic, and foreign policies by asking how effectively they defend core American values like life, marriage, work, and religion.