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Why Establishment Conservatives Still Miss the Point of Trump

Conservatives must both propose and implement actual policies that make an actual, tangible difference in the lives of ordinary Americans.

Donald Trump May Not Have Hurt the GOP as Much as Some Might Think

Common wisdom holds that former president Donald Trump badly hurt the Republican Party. A recent analysis of exit poll data by Trump’s campaign pollsters, however, shows he might have actually helped it.

New Poll: There Is No Singular Trump Voter

Despite how it is often portrayed in the media, Trump’s coalition is ideologically and demographically diverse.

The Moral Inversion of the Republican Party

Republicans are at risk of being devoured by the forces they placed in control.

Many Republicans Own This Insurrection

Responsibility for the storming of the Capitol extends well beyond President Trump.

Cowards are Destroying the GOP

Those who have hoped that Republican leaders would begin to break free from Donald Trump once he lost the election have not understood the nature of the change that has come over the party’s base.

Republicans Have Elected a Record Number of Women and Minorities. It Wasn’t an Accident.

Republicans have long been under scrutiny because of the relatively small number of GOP women and minorities holding House and Senate seats. The recent election, however, has changed everything.

Who Are These Republicans?

You can tell a lot about the state of the party by the people who are joining it, the people who are leaving it, and the people it’s pushing out.

The GOP Needs to Hit Rock Bottom

Congressional Republicans pretended they were powerless to limit Trump’s excesses. What difference would it make if voters made the make-believe real?

This Year’s Senate Races Spell Disaster for the Republican Party

Republicans are beginning to gird themselves for a landslide defeat for President Trump that drags the entire party down. It could be even worse than they think.