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INTERVIEW: The Complicated Journey of Becoming an American

Luma Simms, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, describes learning how to describe her identity, what the American identity should include, and how she synthesizes each day her American self and her Iraqi self.

White House Oral History: Peter Wehner

In an interview conducted by the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner reflects on his early political and religious life, his observations regarding political conservatism, and his years of service in the George W. Bush White House.

Politics Is Not Total War

At its very best, politics ennobles us by attaching us to the great cause for justice and human dignity. But that can’t happen unless and until we recover a sense of the importance and the difficulty of political leadership, a respect for the craft of governing and the value of doing it well.

What Happened to Bioethics?

Twenty years ago, even ten years ago, bioethics was a prominent national issue, and an active and intensely contested political question. Such intense focus on bioethics seems almost strange now. But in order to think about why, and about what lessons we can learn about where things stand today, we might recall a couple of facets of that unusual period of intense focus on bioethics, particularly the stem cell debate in the first decade of this century.

Going Local in a Troubled Time

Finding local solutions to national problems offers an approach better fitting of the diversity of American communities.

NeverTrump Bait and Switch: They Hate the Ideas, Not the Man

NeverTrump Republicans face a time for choosing. The data clearly show that a return to the Republican Party and conservatism of 2000 is not possible, either within the GOP itself or in the nation at large.

Restoring the Spirit of Liberty at Home and Abroad

In the years following World War II, democracy steadily spread across the globe and led to a period of relative peace and prosperity. The trend has begun to reverse, however, and Americans need to celebrate, protect, and extend the spirit of liberty at home, and in the world.

A Call to Patriotism in America

In order for America to be a credible advocate for democracy and markets worldwide, American individuals, organizations and governing institutions should take a series of actions both to strengthen our democracy and to revive the faith of Americans in it.

Seeing Trump Through a Glass, Darkly

In our present moment, truth, including truth that unsettles us, has far too often become subordinate to justifying and defending at all costs our own, often unsound, preconceptions.

Orgy of Guilt

You might suppose that in the mighty nations of the west, debate would be ongoing about how to destroy ISIS and rescue the desperate people in its path, but the great issue we’re relitigating is whether Tony Blair should be tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court and just how responsible George W. Bush was for all of the mayhem in the world.