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Mary Hasson’s Testimony on Michigan Girls’ Sports Bill

EPPC Kate O’Beirne Fellow Mary Rice Hasson presented testimony to the Michigan State Senate Committee on Education and Career Readiness on SB 218, which provides for single-sex high school athletics, determined on the basis of biological sex.

Biden’s HHS Chooses Ideology Over Science on Transgender Issues

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra and Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine seem to want to intimidate scientists, health care providers and insurers into bowing to gender identity politics without having to explain their actions to the public.

INTERVIEW: Catholic Scholar Addresses ‘Gender Ideology’ and Transgender Issues with Compassion, Honesty

EPPC Kate O’Beirne Fellow Mary Rice Hasson discusses both the Equality Act and transgender issues more broadly with the Arlington Catholic Herald.

The LGBT Rebellion Against the Body Is Making Casualties of More Foster Children

Those bent on remaking bodies, language, and society to accord with their desires won’t persuade if they can command, or reason if they can suppress.

Testimony of Mary Hasson to Australian Parliament in Favor of Parental Rights Bill

EPPC Kate O’Beirne Fellow Mary Rice Hasson submitted testimony to the Parliament of New South Wales, Australia, in support of legislation that would prohibit the teaching of gender fluidity and to protect the primacy of parental responsibility for instilling core values in their children.

Good News After a Very Bad Year

Good things have been happening this past year, and as the Church heads into Holy Week it’s time to recognize some of them; to be grateful for the exemplary Catholics who make these important initiatives possible; and to pray for their flourishing in the future.

‘It Isn’t Hate to Speak the Truth’: J.K. Rowling Takes a Stand against Gender Ideology, and We Should Stand with Her

The transgender movement’s rapid redefinition of what it means to be a human person — who we are — threatens our culture, religious freedom and human flourishing.

Notre Dame Plays Host to Transgender Ideology

A Catholic university should know better than to promote harmful pseudoscience dressed up as compassionate care.

Why States Are Trying to End Hormones, Surgeries for Gender-Confused Children

In nearly a dozen states, lawmakers are seeking to ban experimental medical treatments for children who experience gender dysphoria or who identify as transgender.

The War on Parents’ Rights

Public schools across the country routinely invoke district “gender policies” to justify hiding information about children’s gender transitions from their parents.