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Appeasement Never Works

And it’s making matters worse in Cuba.

The Media Has Been Reporting Fake News about Castro and Cuba for Years

While the media melts down over “fake news,” Castro’s death generates more of it.

Vicious Teenagers Have Run Cuba for 57 Years

Castro’s revolution has always been deeply unserious — and devastating to ordinary Cubans.

Pope Francis, Dorothy Day, and the Redistribution Delusion

It’s critically important to care about the poor — but if those who claim to care for the poor and the oppressed stand with the oppressors, what are we to conclude?

Has the Vatican Already Forgotten the Lessons of John Paul II?

The Vatican’s institutional memory seems to retain little from either the teaching or the accomplishment of John Paul II. And that ill serves Pope Francis, whose public persona and popularity, like John Paul’s, create openings for real change to happen.

Cuban Hopes for the Papal Visit

Pope Francis has an opportunity to push the Castro regime to demonstrate a new commitment to being the servant of the Cuban people by taking real, tangible steps toward establishing a legal framework for democracy, within which Cubans can work out their own destiny and take responsibility for their country’s future progress.

Pope Francis

Castro and the Pope: A Real Conversion?

What might the evidence of a genuine “conversion” on the part of Raúl Castro and the totalitarian regime he leads look like?

Why Is Obama Parroting Castro Talking Points?

Had President Obama been interested in reforming the Cuban regime, he could have asked for it; instead, he asked for and received nothing in exchange for everything the Castros wanted.

The Deal Obama Should Have Made With Cuba

President Obama wasted an opportunity to secure the freedom of thousands of Cuban political prisoners.