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Toward a Family Wage (Subsidy)

A direct cash benefit spreads the overwhelming costs of raising the next generation to the community, allowing parents more freedom from market work to give their children the time and attention they need to grow into happy and productive adults.

The Merits of Romney’s Pro-Family Policy

Sen. Mitt Romney’s “Family Security Act” has many merits as a response to the bleak trends highlighted by the pandemic. More important still, it would serve as an overdue corrective to liberalism’s devastating effects on the family.

Sympathy for the Devil

Healthy families anchor healthy societies and are, in their essence, anti-totalitarian. In like manner, attacks on a healthy society at the macro level—the congealing of economic and political power in a minority elite, for example—inevitably cripple the family on a micro level and result in a poisoned civic life.

Don’t Nuke the Nuclear Family

The 1950s are not coming back. But the nuclear family, far from being discredited, has been vindicated by the decay that surrounds us now.

My Father Left Me Ireland Connects Broken Homes to Broken Nations

Michael Brendan Dougherty has helped expose the deepest roots of our confusing debates about family, identity, and nation through his powerful new memoir.

What the Times Misses about Poverty

The root of much American dysfunction isn’t a failure of work but of family dissolution.

How the Trend of Young Adults Living With Their Parents Could Boost Social Capital

The American way is to view young adults still at home as a troubling trend; whereas, in the Middle Eastern culture, this extra time at home is a way to expand the social and economic capital of the family.

Summertime Is Puppy Time

“Have any big plans for the summer?” people sometimes ask by way of small talk. I reply literally: “Yes, housetraining a new puppy.”

Why I Write

Feminism was supposed to expand women’s choices, and in some ways it did, but by devaluing marriage, it has left many women — especially those with less education — struggling to handle all of the responsibilities of parenthood on their own. But it’s possible to reverse these trends.

If You Stumble in the “Success Sequence,” a Strong Family Can Lift You Up

Wealth is not just economic, but familial—that is, someone can be rich in the strong bonds of family and community without necessarily being rich in money. For many in the immigrant subculture, the family is strong enough to withstand a misstep in the success sequence.