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Sexual Healing

Jennifer Roback Morse’s The Sexual State provides a comprehensive, well-documented analysis of the Sexual Revolution and outlines what seems to be a more livable and politically viable alternative.

Economics and Demography

Why has the birth rate fallen in nearly every country? And why has discussion of the family been shifting from West to East? A new prototype “Social Futuring Index” might offer some answers.

A Brief Demographic Tour of the World

The good news is that the rate of legal abortion has fallen by nearly half from its peak; the bad news is that this still makes the difference between a declining and growing population, both for the United States and for the whole world.

A Long View of Longevity, Fertility, Education and Income

Evidence going back to at least AD 1 shows that longevity, fertility, education and income are interconnected. And this connection allows us to predict the demographic results of the alternatives presented in last Tuesday's U.S. presidential election.

Tocqueville’s Comparison of America and Russia, Updated

How has Tocqueville's 1835 prediction about Russia and the U.S. fared? And why is Russia's birth rate, after sinking as low as 1.2 children per couple, sharply improving, while America's birth rate, after remaining near the replacement rate of 2.1 children per couple for the past decade, sharply declining?

Practical Steps on Births, Benefits, Booms and Busts

Several practical policies could improve the Spanish and American birth rates, lower their unemployment rates, and render their real estate markets less vulnerable to boom-bust cycles.

The Demographic Winter (How We Got to Where We Are)

By discussing "The Demographic Winter (How We Got to Where We Are)," we are asking, in effect, why so many nations are acting against human nature.

Benefits or Babies: Will Social Benefits “Crowd Out” Children?

Without reforms of the same magnitude as Congressman Ryan proposes, there will be no way to prevent a sharp decline in the U.S. birth rate, and thus a decline in the relative size of the U.S. population and economy.

Babies and Dollars: Implications for USA, Russia, and the World

For complete coverage of the 2011 Moscow Demographic Summit, visit the Demographic Research Institute (Moscow) homepage. A PDF of Mr. Mueller’s remarks is available at the link above. The accompanying powerpoint is available here. At the last two World Congresses of Families in Warsaw[1] and Amsterdam[2], I presented a country-by-country model of fertility, which has since […]

How Do Nations Choose “Demographic Winter”? Is America Doing So?

To watch a video of the complete panel on “Family and Demography,” please click here. I’m honored to address the Fifth World Congress of Families in Amsterdam. In our panel on “Family and Demography,” I will try to answer two important questions: First, how do nations choose “demographic winter”? Second, is the United States now […]