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The Failure of the French Elite

The yellow vest protests have revealed the profound divide between the privileged class embodied by Emmanuel Macron and the rest of France.

Les Macronables?

While French President Emmanuel Macron is not a king, the slow motion popular resistance to his rule is more than a little reminiscent of the slow leaking of royal authority that predated the storming of the Bastille.

There’s No Easy Fix for Climate Problem

As France learned recently, short-sighted policies are not the answer to climate change.

We Need an Answer to Idolatrous Nationalism. But Don’t Look to Emmanuel Macron.

The way to head off the worst strains of nationalism is to pre-empt them with more humane appeals to legitimate concerns for national identity.

Macron’s New Iran Deal Deserves a Chance

President Trump should take up French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion to treat the existing Iran nuclear deal as one leg in a broader accord that would cover nuclear activities beyond the deal’s 10-year deadline, ballistic missile technology, and, especially, Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism in the region.

Macron and Trump Can Team Up on Trade

The picture of Emmanuel Macron as a ga-ga globalist, and of Donald Trump as a protectionist ideologue, is too simplistic. Indeed, for all their very real differences, they also share priorities, which offers a way for them to work together.

Trump and Macron Aren’t Really an Odd Couple

Both Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron see themselves as outsiders in their own political systems, determined to change the status quo against opposition from both sides of the aisle and a hostile media.

Macron Offers Trump a Third Way in Syria

The French president has built a credible platform to lead on Syria. President Trump should let him.

‘Secular’ Is a French Word for ‘Anti-Muslim’

The problems of Muslim integration are much broader than the obstacles thrown up by French secularism. But the secularist mantra stifles public debate and prevents progress on the other dimensions, whether socioeconomic or cultural.

What Foreigners Don’t Get About Emmanuel Macron

The French president’s brand of pragmatic centrist politics is really just class-interest-based politics.