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Take a Lesson from Tom Cotton, Republicans

Many conservatives are genuinely torn over proposals to challenge the electoral college vote. Sen. Tom Cotton’s statement explaining why he will oppose such challenges is an excellent explanation of why they are a bad idea.

What Happens If Neither Trump nor Biden Wins the Electoral College?

In the event that neither President Donald Trump nor Joe Biden wins an absolute majority of votes in the Electoral College this November, the race will be handled with a constitutional procedure called a contingent election, which will send the contest to the House of Representatives for a final decision.

A Supreme Court Race in Wisconsin Becomes a Good Omen for Trump

Conservative Brian Hagedorn’s apparent narrow victory in a Wisconsin Supreme Court race underscores how close the Badger State is likely to be in 2020 — and how important it is to President Trump’s reelection chances.

Conservatives: Think Before You Defend the Electoral College

It is in conservatism’s long-term interest to trade the electoral college for a major reform of our voting system that works for both parties.

The Trump Coalition and the Electoral College

Demographic change means that Republicans and non-progressives must act now if they do not want to cede political control to the Left.