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Biden Has Finally Agreed to Slim Down Stimulus Checks. There’s a Lot More He Could Cut.

President Biden has reportedly agreed to modify the covid-19 relief bill under pressure from moderate Senate Democrats, narrowing the eligibility of some upper-middle-income families to receive the $1,400 per person stimulus checks. He could do a lot more to cut this bloated and wasteful package while still providing relief for those who need it.

Disarming Frontline Doctors

In its quest to meet the “gold standard,” academic medicine has put Covid patients at risk.

Christmas in a Dark Time

Christmas should speak of the power of love, of forgiveness—a truce, a tenderness. There’s not much of that right now in the noisy, nasty public square.

An Unfunny Thing Happened on the Way to 2021

Polarization, political correctness and Covid-19 have produced a hostile environment for humor.

Another Stimulus Package Is Inevitable. Here’s What It Should Look Like.

Talks may produce a relief bill this week with a headline cost in the trillions of dollars. But without a clear sense of the true nature of the crisis, that will just be another finger in the dike temporarily holding back the economic flood that’s still likely to come.

Breaking News: Not Everything Is Terrible

For the first time in a long time, the world looks brighter and a little more hopeful than it did seven months ago. As awful as it has been, this disease was not the apocalypse we feared. Many aspects of our society proved more resilient than we expected.

FDR, Coronavirus and the Politics of Bravado

When Mr. Trump tells his fellow citizens not to be intimidated by the coronavirus, not to let it “dominate” them, he does a perfectly Trumpian thing: He invites them to share in an optative, mind-over-matter metaphysics that is the key to his relationship to the truth and the workings of his presidency.

Now Comes the Reckoning

The issue on which the president is most vulnerable, and that he has done everything in his power to obscure—the pandemic—is now, because of his own illness, front and center in the presidential campaign.

Does the Debt Matter?

Massive debt is surely a real problem. But rather than a sudden, Greek-style economic implosion, in the United States, it likely poses the threat of a gradual and incremental weakening of economic potential.

Trump Will Surely Tout the Latest Jobs Numbers, But We Still Have a Long Way to Go

The latest unemployment figures are yet more proof that the U.S. economy is roaring back. They also show, however, that there are limits to the nation’s recovery so long as fear of the novel coronavirus remains.