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An Interview with Dr. Francis Collins

EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner talks with the director of the National Institutes of Health about the extraordinary effort to develop a COVID vaccine in record time, what surprised him the most about the coronavirus, the investigation into the virus’s origins, and whether any collateral good might come from this horrible pandemic.

EPPC Scholar Comment at HHS COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force Meeting

EPPC Policy Analyst Rachel N. Morrison offered comment at HHS’s COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force meeting, urging the task force “to ensure that your efforts to promote equity do not encourage or enable illegal discrimination.”

Vaccine Nationalism Is a Corrective to Often-Naive Views of Globalism

Former president Donald Trump was widely pilloried for playing down multilateral cooperation and the global trading order in favor of his “America First” mind-set. But Trump likely understood the nationalist underpinnings of foreign policy better than his critics.

Good News After a Very Bad Year

Good things have been happening this past year, and as the Church heads into Holy Week it’s time to recognize some of them; to be grateful for the exemplary Catholics who make these important initiatives possible; and to pray for their flourishing in the future.

Biden’s Relief Bill Probably Won’t Matter That Much in the Midterms

President Biden is reportedly preparing to “sell” his pandemic stimulus bill to the American people in an effort to reap political gain from the popular measure. History suggests any gain he gets will be fleeting.

Biden Has Finally Agreed to Slim Down Stimulus Checks. There’s a Lot More He Could Cut.

President Biden has reportedly agreed to modify the covid-19 relief bill under pressure from moderate Senate Democrats, narrowing the eligibility of some upper-middle-income families to receive the $1,400 per person stimulus checks. He could do a lot more to cut this bloated and wasteful package while still providing relief for those who need it.

Disarming Frontline Doctors

In its quest to meet the “gold standard,” academic medicine has put Covid patients at risk.

Christmas in a Dark Time

Christmas should speak of the power of love, of forgiveness—a truce, a tenderness. There’s not much of that right now in the noisy, nasty public square.

An Unfunny Thing Happened on the Way to 2021

Polarization, political correctness and Covid-19 have produced a hostile environment for humor.

Another Stimulus Package Is Inevitable. Here’s What It Should Look Like.

Talks may produce a relief bill this week with a headline cost in the trillions of dollars. But without a clear sense of the true nature of the crisis, that will just be another finger in the dike temporarily holding back the economic flood that’s still likely to come.