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Catholic Schools and the Common Good

The intransigence of our political divisions, even between and among Catholics, is a good place to begin thinking about the importance of truly Catholic education for both the Church and the nation.

In Search of a Silver Bullet

Catholic bishops are charged with forming the consciences of the faithful so they can carry out their responsibilities as citizens in service to justice and the common good. This requires an understanding of what the Church teaches, but it also requires both bishops and the faithful to understand the complex circumstances in which citizens must exercise their moral judgment.

What the Church Brings to Politics

The best thing Catholics can do to transform our politics is to become saints. The best thing their shepherds can do is to lead them there by example.

The Real Reason the 2020 Census Should Include a Citizenship Question

President Trump’s decision not to include a question about U.S. citizenship on the 2020 Census questionnaire appears to put the issue to bed for another decade. Don’t believe it.

Learning to Argue

From college students’ inability or unwillingness to tolerate disagreement to the increased partisanship of political elites, American society appears to have forgotten that a bedrock practice of liberal democracy is the hurly-burly back and forth of the intellectual arena. Some K-12 schools are taking notice and responding by recommitting to teaching the intellectual and moral habits that allow students to enter contentious debate and to disagree agreeably with their peers in high school and afterward.

Tradition, Culture, and Citizenship

The concepts of tradition, culture, and citizenship have this in common – they are summoned to protect our political inheritance against the disintegrative forces to which it is now exposed.

A Call to Patriotism in America

In order for America to be a credible advocate for democracy and markets worldwide, American individuals, organizations and governing institutions should take a series of actions both to strengthen our democracy and to revive the faith of Americans in it.

Persuasive Disciples, Not Anarchic Disrupters

In today’s deeply divided America, the public debate is too often being framed by those who substitute invective for argument while demonstrating a visceral contempt for normal democratic political and legal process.

Toward a Conservative Immigration Policy

Thinking seriously about immigration has become much harder than it needs to be for both conservatives and liberals in America.