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“Those Who Question the Sanctity of John Paul II Don’t Know What They’re Talking About”

If life at the Throne of Grace is the perfection of virtues displayed in this life, then St. John Paul II has forgiven his recent detractors.

John Paul II Committed Sins, Too. Just Like All the Other Saints.

The blemishes of the saints, including John Paul II, ought not be hidden, nor should they scandalize us. Rather, they should be a reminder to us of both humility—in the face of our own many failings—and of hope.

Hard Lessons of the McCarrick Affair

The shameful story of Theodore McCarrick illustrates more than the demonic power of deception. McCarrick’s deceptions operated within a cultural matrix that enabled him to avoid the consequences of his depredations for decades.

Mistakes Were Made

The McCarrick Report has limitations, to be sure, and leaves many questions unanswered. But it also presents a detailed and incriminating account of institutional failures spanning multiple decades and multiple pontificates.

Theodore McCarrick, Not John Paul II, Is the Story of the McCarrick Report

Theodore McCarrick was not only a sexual predator; he was an accomplished, pathological liar. And pathological liars fool people.

The McCarrick Report: No Smoking Gun, but Massive System Failure

Theodore McCarrick counted on the members of the episcopal club not to break the club rules. The path forward lies in dismantling those rules and consigning them to oblivion, along with the rest of the clerical caste system.

Waiting for the McCarrick Report

The delay in the Vatican’s report on the case of Theodore McCarrick is an obstacle to reconciliation within the Church because it is a constant reminder of the institutional maintenance and clerical impunity that have been hallmarks of the Church’s mishandling of abuse cases for decades.

Pell Case Quashed – McCarrick Report Still Pending

For too long the Church reflexively stood with those it was “easy” to believe and “easy” to defend: accused priests. For that we are still paying the price, though the greater price was paid in the suffering of victims. Justice demands better.

False Allegations Are Rare – and Real

One of the underappreciated realities of the abuse crisis is that a sizable portion of priests who are accused are neither manifestly guilty nor demonstrably innocent. And this creates a thorny problem for both priests and bishops.

Don’t Sanitize McCarrick’s Legacy

Christ’s Body is not made more perfect by ignoring the wounds it bears, nor by forgetting how they got there.