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The “Synodality” Masquerade

Serious consultation and collaboration are essential to effective pastoral leadership, including the leadership of the Bishop of Rome. But over the 50-plus years of its existence, no one has figured out how to make the Synod of Bishops really work.

A Tale of Two Georges

Even if Cardinal George Pell’s appeal is successful—as it should be on any rational grounds, and if the words “beyond a reasonable doubt” mean anything in Australian courts—the assault on the Church and its leaders will continue.

Superheroes? Stardust? Or Vessels of the Incarnation?

In recent decades, humanity’s knowledge of its genetic code has grown exponentially. And it seems likely that, as a species, we’re only at the threshold of our capacity to use this knowledge for good or ill.

Remembering Two Great Bishops

Though they lived two centuries apart, Archbishop John Carroll and Cardinal Francis Eugene George each left an enduring legacy through their faithful service to the Catholic Church in America.