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Brexit Is Finally Happening. Now the Hard Part Begins.

Britain will now be free to chart its own course in the global economy. The harder questions, however, have yet to be settled.

An American Conservative’s Dream, Seen Walking in London

Britain is not a nation conceived in liberty, but it is in the course of dedicating itself to the proposition that all men are created equal. That is the promise of the platform Boris Johnson’s Tories ran on.

The Great Tory Realignment Was Bound to Happen

The British Conservative Party is coming apart, with 21 Tories expelled from the party by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other anti-no-deal Brexit members resigning. These unprecedented developments are in fact just another example of the global political realignment.

Britain Is on the Verge of a Constitutional Crisis

The loss of a Conservative majority in the House of Commons sets up an unpredictable chain of events that could derail British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s promised Brexit strategy and throw the nation into a serious constitutional crisis.

Don’t Fool Yourself. the Political Center Won’t Recover Anytime Soon.

Globally, the prevailing trend is rising support for anti-immigrant, nationalist populist parties — not a resurgence of the center.

The Counterrevolution to Populism Is Happening All over the World

In country after country, the rise of anti-immigrant parties or movements is forcing many supporters of traditional center-right parties to recalibrate.

Brexit Would Be Hard for Britain. Staying in the E.U. Would Be Worse.

Whatever challenges Brexit poses for the United Kingdom, they pale in comparison to those that will confront it if it remains in the European Union given the continent’s own problems.

Interview: Sir Roger Scruton on What It Means to Be a Conservative

Sir Roger Scruton talks to National Review about his latest book and the meaning of conservatism.

Kant vs. Cant: How Liberals Lost Their Way

We belong together, liberalism tells us, because we ourselves create the law that governs us, with the aim of freeing and protecting us all. But today’s liberals identify with oppositional causes, even if — especially if — it is our tradition of liberal government that is the target.

A Modest Defense of the “Liberal World Order”

Might it not be the case that the “liberal world order” needs fixing rather than dismantling, as some “populists” propose today?