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A Gorilla ‘Tragedy’

Treating animals like people creates moral confusion.

Why the Stewardship of Every Living Thing Matters

A proper understanding of the Biblical meaning of dominion, is closely associated with stewardship of all of creation, including animals. This means they rightfully belong to God and present a unique duty of care to each of us to seek their flourishing.

Why Animal Lovers Should Abhor Planned Parenthood

For whatever those videos reveal of the inner workings of the abortion industry, they point as well to this related truth: Defending animal welfare while remaining adamantly pro-choice with respect to the abortion of human animals is not morally and intellectually sustainable. As an argument retaining any credibility, it’s over.

Support for Animal Welfare Grows on the Right

The momentum in conservative and traditionalist circles toward a consistent ethic of life is arising not by accident in an age of omnipresent abortion — but on account of it.