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What We Lose in the Decline of Cultural Christianity

Faithfulness in the culture requires simultaneously insisting on orthodox Christianity’s contribution to the common good and refusing to allow influence over the common good to be a measure of that same orthodoxy’s credibility.

A Baptist and a Presbyterian Walk into a…Potluck to Debate Theonomy: A Reply to Jake Meador

To say that the Ten Commandments are a codified expression of the natural law says nothing about which aspects of the natural law are to be enforced in civil law.

Embattled on All Sides, Does Religious Liberty Have a Future?

The allure of moral, religious, and cultural uniformity mustn’t come at the expense of religious freedom.

Lessons for Streaming Synagogues from the Evangelical Experience

The digital forces now at work on Jewish communities reflect a challenge that American churches have been wrestling with for decades now.

Look Up, Not Around: Why My Faith Is in Christ, Not Christians

If looking to inerrant Christians throughout history were what it took to persuade people to become Christians, the Great Commission would have gone no further than Christ himself.

The Equality Act Is Farewell To A Christian Metaphysic

By redefining the human person, we leave behind the moral imagination that built our civilization.