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Refugees Have the Right to Stay in Their Homelands, Too. How Can We Make It Safer for Them to Do So?

Many people are in desperate situations but do not want to leave their countries. We need to find ways to help them.

Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq Answers the Prayers of the Christians Who Refuse to Flee — and Face Extinction

Pope Francis, who has not stopped seeking those driven to the margins of society since the day he became the occupant of St. Peter’s Chair, understands the existential peril of Christians in the Middle East and in Iraq especially.

The Equality Act’s Implications for Abortion Would Be Devastating for Pregnant Women in the Workplace

The Equality Act’s sponsors seem to be trying to retool the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, transforming it from a law that is explicitly neutral as to abortion into a mechanism that may well be construed to require health care providers to perform abortions and states to fund them.

John Paul II Committed Sins, Too. Just Like All the Other Saints.

The blemishes of the saints, including John Paul II, ought not be hidden, nor should they scandalize us. Rather, they should be a reminder to us of both humility—in the face of our own many failings—and of hope.

What I Will Teach My Children About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg lived a heroic life in many ways. But to truly realize across our culture her noble vision for caregiving, we will have to point our children to others, those who recognize unborn children not as potential hindrances to the contributions we might make in the world but as reasons for greater solidarity with one another.

Evangelization Isn’t Getting People to Fall in Line—It’s Getting Them to Fall in Love

Pope Francis’s strategy of holy disruption is a deliberate evangelical strategy, and it is, perhaps, a strategy perfectly tailored to our times—but it is also risky, especially in this secular era.

Montessori Schools are Exceptionally Successful. So Why aren’t There More of Them?

Against the Lockean view, Montessori education supports the authentic Christian view that every child has a unique, God-given identity and gifts and must, by grace, develop them. As opposed to the Cartesian view, this approach rejects mind-body dualism. So why didn’t the church embrace it when it came along?