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A Disparate Medley of American Voices

The impeachment proceeding should have been a grand and significant occasion. But it felt like stagecraft—history as performance, as if to say that we live in a fatally politicized, post-historical world.

Publius the Institutionalist

Rather than ideology, our political culture at this point is almost entirely the function of a kind of breakdown of our social psychology, unleashed and unmoored from institutional constraints. Revisiting the Federalist Papers can help us to see our modern dilemmas more clearly.

On Nationalism and Exceptionalism

A nationalism of cultural particularism is the only kind of nationalism that can effectively and enduringly serve the cause of national unity. And it is ultimately inseparable from American exceptionalism.

Bumping Hamilton from the $10 Bill Is Arrogant, Ignorant, and Stupid

True to the identity politics of the Democratic party, the Obama treasury department has announced that a to-be-announced female will replace Alexander Hamilton on the currency.