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Take a Lesson from Tom Cotton, Republicans

Many conservatives are genuinely torn over proposals to challenge the electoral college vote. Sen. Tom Cotton’s statement explaining why he will oppose such challenges is an excellent explanation of why they are a bad idea.

Trump Is Losing His Mind

The president is discussing martial law in the Oval Office, as his grip on reality falters.

Raphael Warnock Might Really Be Too Radical for Georgia

If Georgia were a safe Democratic state, or even one that leans blue, such as Virginia, there’s no doubt Raphael Warnock would win. But the Peach State is anything but that, and therein lies his problem.

Republicans Have Elected a Record Number of Women and Minorities. It Wasn’t an Accident.

Republicans have long been under scrutiny because of the relatively small number of GOP women and minorities holding House and Senate seats. The recent election, however, has changed everything.

Choose Repair, Not Revenge

Because we are a nation so fractured that each side barely comprehends the other, this is a time for magnanimity.

People of the Lie

Donald Trump may have teased and fed the nation’s spirit of conflict, but he didn’t create it. And Trump’s exit won’t heal any of our deepest fractures.

Elite Opinion Is Never Wrong

Reality may fail to measure up to cocktail party assumptions, but the chit-chat of the better people rings on, unchanged.

Trump’s White House at the End of the Line

Not even in the bitterest, most furious days of the late ’60s were Americans as alienated from one another as they are now.

The Left Doesn’t Understand Women

Exit polls show that Donald Trump tightened race and gender gaps while winning a majority of married women.

The New Colonialism

What may be coming our way is an odd kind of “new colonialism,” with flyover country—that Dark Continent formerly known as places like Kansas, Alabama, and Tennessee—reduced in effective power to mission territory for our enlightened coastal elites.