Mary Rice Hasson

The #MeToo Moment: Second Thoughts on the Sexual Revolution

The #MeToo movement has generated widespread outrage over sexual harassment and the culture that condoned it.

How Low Can Self-Hating Feminists Go? As Michelle Wolf Shows, Today’s Feminism is Repulsive to Women

Michelle Wolf is the hip face of ugly, pink-hat feminism. She’s also a sad cultural meme embodying feminists’ self-loathing, degradation, and cruelty. The meme came to life in Saturday’s monologue.

Women Are the Heralds of ‘Humanae Vitae’

Women seem to be unhappier now than in previous generations. They need to hear the truth about the contraceptive mentality, especially from other women.

VIDEO: Humanae Vitae: Blessed Pope Paul VI’s Prophetic Pro-Life Work

EPPC Kate O’Beirne Fellow Mary Rice Hasson appeared on EWTN’s “Pro-Life Weekly” to discuss the legacy of of Humanae Vitae, 50 years on.

VIDEO: Mary Hasson at UN Commission on the Status of Women

EPPC Kate O’Beirne Fellow Mary Hasson participated in a panel at the sixty-second session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, titled  “The Integral Education of Rural Girls and Women.”

Mary Hasson Becomes EPPC’s Kate O’Beirne Fellow

The Ethics and Public Policy Center is delighted to announce that, thanks to the support of generous donors, it has established the Kate O’Beirne Fellowship in Catholic Studies and has named current EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson as EPPC’s Kate O’Beirne Fellow.

Judge Who Removed Trans Teen From Parents Highlights What’s At Stake

The Ohio case is not a ‘slam dunk’ validation of adolescent transgender transition or of gender experts, but neither is it good news for parents: it foreshadows a troubling future in which teens will be allowed to decide (without parental consent) to pursue gender transitions.

Pediatrician: Revealing Your Baby’s Sex Might Traumatize Him

The medical establishment is losing its bearings. Caught in the twilight zone of transgender alt-reality, where hurt feelings matter more than hard science, America’s pediatricians see a new threat on the horizon – the ‘gender reveal’ phenomenon.

AUDIO: Mary Hasson on Transgenderism & Child Welfare

EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson appeared on World Lutheran News Digest to discuss efforts by child-welfare agencies to require social workers and foster families to affirm radical gender ideology.

Illinois Purges Social Workers and Foster Families Who Don’t ‘Facilitate’ Transgenderism

Illinois’s child welfare agency has proclaimed staff must ‘affirm’ gender ideology and ‘facilitate’ LGBT identities for kids—or be fired.