Mary FioRito

The GOP Governor Will Pay a Price for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion in Illinois

Last week, Republican governor Bruce Rauner took an action so shocking in its duplicity and so out of step with the views of Illinois voters that many political watchers say it has likely ended his career in electoral politics.

Celiac Disease Does Not Mean “No Eucharist for You!”

Hysteria aside, celiac disease is serious business. The Church can better address this issue with more consistent treatment of parishioners with the disease.

Here’s The Graceful Commencement Speech Hillary Clinton Should Have Given This Year

Hillary Clinton missed an opportunity to share with young women what it is like to win the popular vote but still lose the election, and nevertheless get up in the morning to fight another day. In one way or another, this sort of thing happens to all of us (although in a less public and spectacular way).

Hanson’s New Life-Affirming Single is Impossible to Resist

In a musical world filled with lyrics that degrade, shock, and diminish others, ‘I Was Born’ is an inspiring (and addicting) antidote.

How Dr. Seuss Can Help Explain the March for Life to Children

As today’s March for Life unfolds in Washington, D.C., parents may find themselves asking how to get across the pro-life argument to young children in a way that doesn’t seem either terrifying or harsh.

The March for Life and the Women’s March: Can We Walk on Common Ground?

While it might seem to the casual observer that participants in the Women’s March on Washington don’t have much in common with the March for Life, it’s almost too bad both groups won’t be there at the same time.

Hospice, Not Abortion, for Dying Infants

Given Hillary Clinton’s strong support from Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, it’s no surprise that she defended late-term abortion. But she did a tremendous disservice particularly to families facing the tragedy of a dying infant.

Excerpt from “Can Catholic Women Lean In? Working Women in the Church”

The Church could not possibly image God’s presence to the faithful without the complementary gifts of women being brought to bear on ministry, evangelization, and service.