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Idealism Without Illusions

“In the tradition of John Courtney Murray and Reinhold Niebuhr, George Weigel has become one of the outstanding social critics of our time. This book of his presents a vision of American foreign policy for the 1990s which would reconcile the imperatives of Realpolitik with the moral fervor of the American culture.”

–Eugene V. Rostow, National Defense University

idealismwithoutillusion“George Weigel brings scholarship, spiritual values, and wit to the work of thinking about American foreign policy in the post-Cold War world America has helped to make. He points to difficult problems and shows the way toward intelligent solutions. Above all, he reminds us that ideas and values–including religious values–count and that American leadership can work to change the world for the better.”

–Michael Barone, Reader’s Digest

“This book is important for two reasons. First, it offers unusually well-informed and astute commentaries on the contemporary international situation. It also serves as a brilliant example of careful moral reasoning at work.”

–Peter L. Berger, Boston University

“Anytime George Weigel speaks, I listen. One of the keenest contemporary thinkers, he has penetrated to the heart of the issues involving America’s role in the world.”

–Charles Colson, Prison Fellowship Ministries

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