Reality Check

Published June, 2022

The New Criterion

To a greater extent than ever, those on both sides of the political fence, and even those sitting on it, are only talking and writing to and for people who already agree with them. The only time most of us engage with those who have different views from our own is when we think we have come up with a suitably sneering one-liner to launch against the tweet of someone of whom we have come to think as the enemy. One consequence of this new form of global-village parochialism is the atrophy of whatever capacity we may once have had to put ourselves in the place of this putative enemy and to see the world as he sees it—if only for the sake of better understanding and so refuting his arguments.

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Ethics and Public Policy Center Fellow James Bowman is well known for his writing on honor, including his book, Honor: A History and “Whatever Happened to Honor,” originally delivered as one of the prestigious Bradley Lectures at the American Enterprise Institute in 2002, and republished (under the title “The Lost Sense of Honor”) in The Public Interest.

Image: Ian Balcombe on Creative Commons

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