The Political Magic of C.S. Lewis

Lewis knew that a faith-informed conscience could advance justice and that Christianity played an enormous part in establishing the concept of natural rights and the dignity of the human person. But he also believed that no political party can come close to approximating God’s ideal.


What Are the Checks and Balances?

With the state of constitutional checks on the executive branch uncertain, America is in serious danger with either major-party candidate.

Washington’s Warnings

Having served as the first chief executive under the new constitutional system, George Washington cautioned Americans about the tendency of the system to induce deep frustration in the champions of various courses of policy.


Let’s Break Off the Engagement

Is the libertarian cause of “judicial engagement” anything more than camouflage for libertarian judicial activism?


The Vatican, China, and Evangelical Prudence

Recent remarks by the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, have fueled speculation about a possible exchange of diplomatic representation between the Holy See and the People’s Republic of China.


Longing for Uplift

Americans want to believe everyone has a fair chance to succeed.


Trump’s Child-Care Proposal: Be Like Sweden?

The media do not understand the effects of child-care policies, but they know they don’t like Trump’s.


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