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From Dignified to Disheveled

Lance Morrow

Waiving its longstanding dress code, the Senate is inviting its members to turn the place into a smelly gym or a psychiatrist’s waiting room.

City Journal / September 25, 2023

Enough is enough. McCarthy must bring the GOP rebels to heel.

Henry Olsen

Enough is enough.

The Washington Post / September 23, 2023

America in the Age of ‘Retcon’

Lance Morrow

Rewriting the past to suit the fashions of the present is harmless in fiction but a danger in real life.

Wall Street Journal / September 20, 2023

The pro-life movement should abandon Trump over his abortion comments

Henry Olsen

The pro-life movement fought for about 50 years to repeal Roe.

Washington Post / September 19, 2023

Why we’re all populist

Henry Olsen

If events continue to take their current course, the world in 2070 will be as different from today as that of 1970 was from 1920.

The Spectator World / September 18, 2023

Mitt Romney’s third party would never work. But this one might.

Henry Olsen

Romney and Manchin come from two different parties, but they share a similar approach to politics.

Washington Post / September 18, 2023

New Mexico’s governor seems to think it’s okay to ignore the Supreme Court

Henry Olsen

Time will tell whether Lujan Grisham’s order is just another failed effort at political signaling or the start of a much more serious challenge to the Supreme Court’s authority.

The Washington Post / September 12, 2023

Requiem for a Dumpster Full of Books

Lance Morrow

The magic of print is that it codifies the great human inventory in physical form. No screen can do that.

Wall Street Journal / September 8, 2023

How McCarthy can break the logjam with the Freedom Caucus for good

Henry Olsen

Republican leaders should broker a comprehensive governing agenda with all party factions, treating each as though they were separate parties.

Washington Post / September 7, 2023

Trump might have the lead in Iowa, but he has one big weakness

Henry Olsen

It would be easy to conclude from the polls that Donald Trump will cruise to victory in Iowa’s caucuses in January.

Washington Post / August 30, 2023

GOP Candidates Are Glossing Over Two Big Illegal-Immigration Solutions

Henry Olsen

A supply-side-heavy immigration policy is bound to disappoint.


National Review / August 25, 2023

Biden’s involvement in his son’s dealings deserves a serious investigation

Henry Olsen

But only a complete investigation can ensure that it’s nothing worse.

Washington Post / August 22, 2023