EPPC Briefly: Remembering Justice Scalia

February 18, 2016


EPPC President Ed Whelan, a former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, has appeared frequently on television and in newspaper outlets in recent days – including Fox News, CNN, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, the New York Times, and elsewhere – to discuss the late justice’s legacy, his contributions to constitutional law, and the battle over his vacancy. Click here to view a video of his appearance on PBS NewsHour.

Scalia’s Greatness
EPPC Senior Fellow Mona Charen shares her recollections of Justice Scalia, and remarks that “we ought to feel grateful to have lived in a time that produced an American figure of such genius and consequence.”

The Passing of a Supreme Court Giant
Antonin Scalia was a “supremely great justice” and a “force of nature,” writes EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner, and his opinions were “rigorous, principled, learned and relentlessly logical, sometimes withering, often witty and always beautifully crafted.”

Antonin Scalia’s Legacy: Extraordinary Writing, and Upholding the Rule of Law
EPPC Fellow Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry reflects on Justice Scalia’s approach to the rule of law: “What is the job of a judge in a modern society? Scalia’s entire oeuvre can be summed up as his answer to that question, at a time when most judges, and most of society, has been giving a different answer for the past 40 years.”

A Matter of Interpretation
EPPC Visiting Fellow Erika Bachiochi takes a close look at lectures in which Justice Scalia “offers his robust and deeply influential view of statutory (and constitutional) interpretation as a way to fill the ‘sad’ void of having had ‘no intelligible theory of what [American judges] do most.’”

Lenten Reading: Roman Pilgrimage

The annual Lenten pilgrimage to dozens of Rome’s most striking churches is a sacred tradition dating back almost two millennia, to the earliest days of Christianity. In Roman Pilgrimage, EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel, art historian Elizabeth Lev, and photographer Stephen Weigel lead readers through this unique religious and aesthetic journey with magnificent photographs and revealing commentaries on the pilgrimage’s liturgies, art, and architecture.

See also Mr. Weigel’s recent reflection on his experience in preparing the book, which he calls “the best Lent of my life.”

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George Weigel’s 15th Annual William E. Simon Lecture
In his 15th Annual William E. Simon Lecture, EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel will draw out lessons for today from the history of a city which experienced the drama of the 20th century in a unique way: Kraków, Poland. Having suffered terribly under both Nazi and communist occupations, Kraków was also the place where the divine answer to that unprecedented human wickedness was given, in the visions of the divine mercy that seized the religious imagination of an obscure Polish nun, Sister Faustina Kowalska. And it was from Kraków that there came a man who brought Sister Faustina’s message of divine mercy to the world, Pope St. John Paul II.

This lecture is open to registered guests only. For more information, or to inquire about registration, please click here.


John Paul II and His ‘Secret Letters’ to a Woman Who Was a Colleague and Friend
A recent BBC documentary “illuminates the misconceptions under which too much secular journalism operates when writing about the Catholic Church, its clergy, and celibacy,” observes EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel.

Day of the Demagogues
EPPC Senior Fellow Mona Charen sees ominous signs in the shape of the 2016 race: “Trump and Sanders are disruptive, and people who welcome chaos for its own sake are dangerous.”

President Obama’s Budgetary Deceptions
The final budget plan of his presidency “is another clear indication that President Obama isn’t serious, and never has been, about confronting the nation’s real budgetary challenges,” concludes EPPC Senior Fellow James C. Capretta.

ISIS, Genocide, and Us
EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel warns that, reminiscent of the destruction wrought by the Nazis in Europe, “similarly gratuitous destruction of ancient cultural centers and artifacts is now underway wherever the black flag of the Islamic State, ISIS, is raised in Iraq and Syria. And so is another genocide, this time of Christians.”

An Open Letter to Jeb Bush
EPPC Senior Fellow Mona Charen questions Jeb Bush’s campaign strategy, and tries to persuade him that “by attacking Rubio, you are attempting to sabotage the very best messenger the Republican party has found in decades.”

Pope Francis and the Russian Patriarch Will Meet, as Ukrainian Catholics Watch and Wait
EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel writes that this month’s historic meeting between Pope Francis and the Russian Orthodox patriarch of Moscow “could open the way to a better ecumenical future, if what follows in its wake is a genuine dialogue between Catholicism and Russian Orthodoxy about Christian witness in the 21st-century world.”

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