VIDEO: Liberty or Death? on THE WEST with Stanley Kurtz and George Weigel

March 26, 2023 | The New Culture Forum

On March 26, 2023, EPPC Fellow Stanley Kurtz of the Education and American Ideals program and Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel of the Catholic Studies program joined The New Culture Forum on the first episode of their new series, The West: “Liberty or Death.”

Whatever happened to Western self-confidence? NCF Senior Fellow Marc Sidwell introduces this landmark series, and investigates the mystery of how the West lost faith in itself after the end of the Cold War. We then turn to the even greater mystery—how did the West emerge from primitive poverty in the ruins of Rome to dominate the world?

Debunking the myth that the West’s exceptional achievements are founded on plunder and exploitation, we explore its unconventional and decidedly uncivilised origins in the rivalrous and individualistic culture of the barbarians and the patchwork of powers that emerged after the fall of Rome’s empire in Western Europe. But the West’s “long road to civilisation” would never have got started without a revolutionary faith from the East…

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