AUDIO: Church, Culture & Masculinity with George Weigel

April 19, 2023 | Way of the Heart Podcast

On April 19, 2023, EPPC Senior Fellow George Weigel joined Way of the Heart Podcast to discuss “Church, Culture & Masculinity.” Topics included how Catholicism in culture has changed in George’s lifetime, Pope St. John Paul II’s view on modern masculinity, and more.

In this conversation with prolific author and renowned educator George Weigel, Jake and Brett talk through a number of extremely important topics regarding modern man, faith & culture. George shares his deep knowledge and understanding of the Church and its connection with the ever-changing cultures through his lifetime. They also discuss what was actually taught at Vatican II & the wisdom found in the teachings of Pope St. John Paul II.

Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies

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