AEI Election Watch 2010: The Political and Polling Landscape (Session 1)

June 17, 2010 | American Enterprise Institute

Essential for understanding the 2010 elections and beyond, AEI’s Election Watch series returned for its fifteenth season, bringing together AEI’s nationally renowned team of political analysts and commentators. The series, which began in 1982, is the longest-running election program in Washington. On June 17, Michael Barone, Karlyn Bowman, John C. Fortier, EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen, and Norman J. Ornstein looked ahead to future contests, sorted through the election results thus far, and perused all the polls for what they reveal about the mood:

*How bad is it out there? Is Congress more unpopular than ever?
*Anti-incumbent or anti-Democrat? What primary results tell us
*Midterm losses: history, happenstance, and the Hill
*Barone and Ornstein mix it up on what is likely to happen
*How many governors are goners?
*Keeping tabs on the tea party
*What the polls on the oil spill, the economy, health care, and President Obama tell us about November

Listen to an audio recording of the event below:

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