Faith Angle Forum: June 2000

The Faith Angle Forum held its semi-annual Conference on Religion, Politics & Public Life June 26-27, 2000 in Prouts Neck, Maine. The series brings together a select group of nationally respected journalists and distinguished scholars for in-depth discussions of cutting-edge issues at the intersection of religion and public life. Under the leadership of Michael Cromartie, Vice President at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, the Faith Angle Forum provides extended discussion and the kind of deep reflection that is not always possible in today’s fast paced world of breaking news.

Conference topics:

“God’s Name in Vain: The Wrongs & Rights of Religion in Politics”

Stephen L. Carter, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Jeffrey Rosen, Legal Affairs Editor, The New Republic



“How Should We Talk? Religion & Public Discourse”

Dr. Jean Bethke Elshtain, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social & Political Ethics, Divinity School at the University of Chicago

Willilam McGurn, Chief Editorial Writer, The Wall Street Journal



“The New Christian Right in Historical Context”

Dr. Leo P. Ribuffo, Society of the Cincinnati George Washington Distinguished Professor of History, George Washington University

David Shribman, Washington Bureau Chief, The Boston Globe



“Impact of Religion on Political Alignments: An Overview”

Dr. James L. Guth, William Rand Kenan, Jr. Professor of Political Science, Furman University

Michael Barone, Senior Writer, U.S. News & World Report



David Boldt, Columnist, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Vincent Carroll, Editorial Page Editor, Denver Rocky Mountain News

John Cochran, Chief White House Correspondent, ABC News

E.J. Dionne, Columnist, The Washington Post

Andrew Ferguson, Senior Editor, The Weekly Standard 

Franklin Foer, Associate Editor, The New Republic

Melinda Henneberger, Washington Correspondent, The New York Times

John Leo, Columnist, U.S. News & World Report

Michel McQueen Martin, Correspondent, “Nightline,” ABC News

Dana Milbank, Columnist, The Washington Post               

Lynn Neary, Religion Correspondent, NPR

Michael Paulson, Religion Reporter, The Boston Globe

David Plotz, Bureau Chief, Slate

Hanna Rosin, Religion Reporter, The Washington Post

Alissa Rubin, National Correspondent, Los Angeles Times

Jay Tolson, Senior Writer, U.S. News & World Report

David Van Biema, Senior Religion Writer, Time Magazine

Melana Zyla Vickers, Editorial Page Writer, USA Today

Peggy Wehmeyer, Religion Correspondent, ABC News

Kenneth Woodward, Senior Religion Editor, Newsweek