Why Do Protestants Convert?

EPPC Fellow Brad Littlejohn, along with Chris Castaldo, investigate a troubling question: Why Do Protestants Convert?

A strange phenomenon has gripped Protestantism in recent decades: many of its best and brightest thinkers have converted to Roman Catholicism. Likewise, many earnest, normal believers have found Protestantism shallow in doctrine, history, ethics, and worship, and made the leap to Rome.

How can Protestants make sense of this? In this short and penetrating book, originally published as a series of essays, Brad Littlejohn and Chris Castaldo insightfully diagnose the psychological, theological, and sociological factors behind Protestant conversions to Rome.

With refreshing honesty, they find many converts’ criticisms of contemporary Protestantism to be warranted, but argue that historic magisterial Protestantism has within it the answers to these objections and the resources for a Protestant renewal.

Foreword by EPPC Fellow Carl Trueman.

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