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VIDEO: Can American Catholics be Good Citizens?

American Enterprise Institute
Washington, D.C.

On May 4, 2016, EPPC Fellow Stephen P. White took part in discussion sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute regarding Mr. White’s new book Red, White, Blue, and Catholic. Mr. White was joined in the discussion by Timothy P. Carney and Ramesh Ponnuru of AEI.

Here is AEI’s description of the event:

“Religion has no place in politics” is commonly heard in culture wars today. But for Catholics, that refrain is problematic: Part of being a good Catholic is being a good citizen — and not just on Election Day. The teachings of the Catholic Church are supposed to inform all actions, public or private.

“Red, White, Blue, and Catholic” (Liguori, 2016) by Catholic scholar Stephen White explores the notions of neighborliness, solidarity, and subsidiarity. It also navigates the tricky terrain of religious liberty and the roles of the state, the Church, and the lay Catholic in a pluralistic society. Join AEI as Stephen White and AEI’s Ramesh Ponnuru discuss the book and its themes.

Click below to watch video of the event, and click here for more information, including an event recap, at AEI’s website:

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