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Uniting Universal Coverage and Personal Choice: A New Direction for Health Reform

The debate over US health care reform and the resulting Affordable Care Act (ACA) laid out several key priorities: (1) grant Americans universal access to health coverage regardless of health status; (2) grant affordable coverage regardless of ability to pay; and (3) contain rising health expenditures.

The ACA’s implementation process has been bumpy, yet high uninsurance rates and lack of access for those with expensive conditions make reverting to the status quo a nonstarter.

In their forthcoming AEI paper, titled “Best of both worlds: Uniting universal coverage and personal choice in health care,” leading health economists from the nation’s top universities chart a new path: comprehensive, market-based health reform that would guarantee affordability, personal choice, and universal coverage. EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen participated in the paper’s release and a new debate over the priorities and policies that will most effectively reform health care. A transcript of this event can be found here.

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