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The Women’s Vote and Feminism’s Triumph

Carrie Gress

Abortion makes the myth believable.

American Spectator / November 10, 2023

How Wokeness Puts Its Defenders In A Chokehold – And How To Help Them Out

Noelle Mering

Since Oct. 7, leftists are finally waking up to see how their cause discards allies so easily and abandons moral axioms so callously.

The Federalist / November 3, 2023

Healthy Families Should Be At the Center of Economic Policy

Erika Bachiochi

The health of our families, where infants are nurtured—and both children and their parents are formed—must be at the very center of our politics and economics.

Institute for Family Studies / November 2, 2023

Feminism’s Dark DNA

Carrie Gress

The occult has a long history of being a way for women who feel powerless to exert their power and to control others – especially those they feel oppress them.

National Catholic Register / November 1, 2023

The Catholic Church Needs Mothers, Not Synodality

Carrie Gress

Women like Sts. Helen, Monica, Catherine of Siena and Teresa of Calcutta are reminders that, more than anything else, what the Church, the world, and all men, women and children need is simple.

National Catholic Register / October 27, 2023

‘Woke’ ideology is a murderous one

Noelle Mering

In the wake of a murderous rampage , there are three possible reactions: look with horror, look away, or look with approval.

Washington Examiner / October 26, 2023

Is it the beginning of the end of the Girlboss Era?

Carrie Gress

There’s a new groundswell emerging in media that hasn’t been seen, maybe ever. Conservative women are challenging the regnant feminist narrative.

Washington Examiner / October 22, 2023

6 Ways To Detox From Marxist Feminism For A Happier Life

Carrie Gress

Utility, productivity, and power have supplanted the virtues of what we used to equate with a good woman. How do we detox from this poison?

The Federalist / October 18, 2023

Priest in the Public Square

Noelle Mering

Faithful young priests are such a contradiction to the sexual revolution that their very presence invites the world to consider the supernatural.

National Catholic Register / October 13, 2023

Can There Be Christian Feminism?

Carrie Gress

Adding Christianity to feminism’s broken message hasn’t been clarifying.

The Catholic Thing / October 9, 2023

Theology of Home IV: Arranging the Seasons

What we cannot see in our Creator, we can see in His creation. It is with the gift of the…


I’m a mother of five. No one fights like moms to protect their children

Carrie Gress

Moms all over America have had it with what is happening to our country


FOX News / August 15, 2023