Sin, Original Sin, Original Antigenic Sin and COVID-19 Natural Immunity

Published May 2, 2022

The Christian Post

In 2021, the Biden administration mandated that approximately 100 million Americans receive vaccination for COVID-19. These mandates applied to federal workers, federal government contractors, hospital workers, and employees of large businesses (those with 100 or more workers). 

Illogically and unscientifically, Biden’s mandates did not exempt people who already acquired COVID-19 antibodies from a prior infection. 

While being secretive and non-transparent about its vaccine data but simultaneously accusing Americans for not “following the science,” the NIH, CDC, FDA and Biden administration ignored medical science. 

COVID mutates in the same way as all other cold or flu viruses. Viral mutation is the reason why the flu vaccine is reformulated annually, but the COVID vaccine, despite COVID’s many mutation, has yet to be reformulated.  Recent data showed that boosters of the Pfizer vaccine provides only short-term protection and a modest absolute benefit, on the long shadow of a poor safety profile. The White House, FDA, CDC, Pfizer and Moderna have ignored what has been accurately predicted for over a year: we will not be able to “booster” our way out of the pandemic

Those with acquired COVID-19 natural immunity likely do not need the currently available mRNA vaccines or boosters. A long-term study shows that natural immunity offers far superior protection (range: 485% to 1,306%) compared to that of COVID mRNA vaccines. Prior infection is more effective than vaccination in preventing subsequent infection because it is broader, an observation that still remains undisputed

The protection derived from natural immunity following infection demolishes the Biden administration’s decision to exclude those previously infected with COVID-19 infections from public society and its vaccination and booster shot mandates. In addition to being unscientific Mandating — and even encouraging — Americans who were previously infected with COVID to receive a shot represents a serious risk and appears to confer almost zero benefit

This is consistent with what we know about immunity and the scientific concept of “original antigenic sin” (also referred to as the Hoskins Effect). The theologically named term explains how the body’s immune system can derive future immunity based on prior infections from similar mutations of the disease. In other words, individuals who have already had COVID-19 could have immunity to future infections by COVID mutations. 

Neither the biblical concept of original sin nor the immunologic concept of original antigenic sin are new ideas, dating back to the third century and the late 1950s, respectively. 

The scientific concept is clearly named after the Christian doctrine of original sin which states that at birth, people inherit “sinful conduct” as part of their free will. The Pentateuch basis for this doctrine is detailed in various places, such as in Genesis 3 with the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for eating the forbidden fruit, and additional references in King David’s Psalms when he said: “I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me” (51:1-19 or 51:3-21). 

Just as all people on earth who are descendants of Adam and Eve inherit original sin, will all people inherit an original antigenic sin as a result of a narrowly defined COVID vaccine. This will imprint a permanently ineffective immune response on their immune system making them susceptible to future infections. Our immune system operates on specific memories in dealing with infections, using prior responses in the event of a new infection. This has also been summarized by the expression “the first flu is forever” indicating the first imprinting of influenza maintains continued relevance throughout life. 

Could continued administration of an outdated COVID vaccination/boosters be harmful?

At this point, continuing to give vaccinations or boosters to anyone would “orient” one’s immune system “the wrong way” to respond to an infection, having the opposite intended effect of disease prevention.  It could potentially further lead to Vaccine Associate Enhanced Disease which could paradoxically enhance viral entry into host cells, followed by virus replication, infection and worsening disease. 

Despite the implication of the original antigenic sin, FDA and CDC officials are still pushing a potentially unsafe and seemingly ineffective COVID-19 vaccine. As of today, over 11.5 Billion mRNA vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, with over 570 million of those doses in the USA alone, for the original COVID virus that no longer exists. Millions more are being administered every day. In fact, today’s screenshot of the FDA website still encourages administering boosters onto the American public indiscriminately. 

Compounding its offense, the FDA is ploughing forward with recommending a fourth COVID-19 booster, bypassing its own experts advisors, ignoring fundamental concepts of virology and original antigenic sin. Instead the FDA is focusing on a single poorly designed study, while disregarding a massive amount of epidemiological, drug safety, and scientific data strongly pointing in the opposite direction.

The path forward: 

The existing vaccination strategy is inappropriate, ineffective and dangerous based on the existing COVID vaccines being promoted by the FDA and CDC for a strain which no longer exists.  Going forward, vaccinations must be engineered differently. Perhaps future vaccines can be made from pools of chemically purified antigens derived from those with natural exposure — or even with strains experimentally devised.

The motivation for continued mRNA vaccinations and boosters by the FDA, White House and manufacturers seems to ignore sacrosanct fundamentals of public health by multiple scientific measures, not the least of which is original antigenic sin. 

The question is: Why on earth would the FDA do that

One can only hope that the motivation isn’t partisanship or personal enrichment at the risk of innocent lives; after all, this could lead to criminal liability in Man’s court and liability spiritually.  The Apostle Paul wrote: “the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23).

Deception of that level would be more than ‘sin’; It would be evil. 

If evil is the motivation, the Bible provides guidance as to what the path forward for the guilty must be. 

If non-public health goals were the FDA and CDC’s motivations, malefactors would need to be punished without leniency.  Mercy for the guilty is cruelty to the innocent as could be interpreted from the King David Psalms (Proverbs 17:15).  

Of course, no investigations or accountability for the allegedly guilty is likely to occur under the Biden administration. It will take a massive investigative effort by a new presidential administration to force federal health agencies like the CDC, FDA, and NIH to, at minimum, attempt to provide scientific justifications for their decisions — which I doubt they can do. The FDA, for instance, has been particularly partisan in ignoring scientific standards and blindly backing unscientific White House pressures on multiple other matters,  independent of COVID. 

The FDA needs major reform, employee accountability, and consequences for inactionorsilence on bad decisions. “He who does wrong will be repaid for what he has done, and there is no partiality” (Colossians 3:25).

Evil works must merit the reward they beget. In the meantime: G-d help us all. 

Dr. David Gortler is a pharmacologist, pharmacist, and an FDA and health care policy oversight fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC. He was a professor of pharmacology and biotechnology at the Yale University School of Medicine, where he also served as a faculty appointee to the Yale University Bioethics Center.  He was then hired as an FDA medical officer who was appointed as senior advisor to the FDA commissioner for drug safety, FDA science policy, and FDA regulatory affairs. He is a columnist at Forbes, where he writes on drug safety, health care, and FDA policy.

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