With ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,’ Democrats Openly Celebrate Executioners

Nathanael Blake

The unabashed cheerleaders for abortion now include the leaders of the Democrat Party, as well as its activist base.


The Federalist / March 15, 2023

When basic respect disappears

Brad Littlejohn

The intolerance of the liberal campus


WORLD Opinions / March 14, 2023

Stanford President and Law-School Dean Apologize to Judge Duncan

Edward Whelan

Tessier-Lavigne and Martinez have issued a joint letter of apology to Judge Duncan for the violations of university policies on speech that disrupted his talk.


National Review Online / March 11, 2023

Crybullies at Stanford Law School Threaten Free Speech

Edward Whelan

Judge Duncan’s right to free speech at Stanford Law School was threatened by hecklers who had the audacity to comment that he “literally denies the humanity of people” while denying him his First Amendment Rights.


National Review Online / March 10, 2023

Secularism is a dark abyss

Andrew T. Walker

A Belgian euthanasia case shows us what a post-Christian world looks like


WORLD Opinions / March 10, 2023

DeSantis Is Putting the Public Back in Public Universities

Stanley Kurtz

“[G]eneral-education requirements at public universities are supposed to be shaped by the public’s fundamental values, as voiced by their chosen representatives.”


National Review Online / March 10, 2023

Opinion: If Republicans want to beat Biden, they can’t ignore this reality

Patrick T. Brown

“To muster an effective response, Republicans need not and should not be afraid to counter with their own proactive agenda.”


CNN / March 10, 2023

The Gospel in Lent

Stephen P. White

White illustrates the importance of the Gospel during Lent and the division in the Catholic Church that can only be fixed by living and preaching the Gospel.


The Catholic Thing / March 9, 2023

Yes, The Church Is The Bride Of Christ

Nathanael Blake

The reaction to Pastor Josh Butler’s article and his subsequent cancellation is deeply rooted in the pathologies of some American evangelicalism.


The Federalist / March 9, 2023

The test facing modern higher education

Carl R. Trueman

The real challenge is bigger than any political agenda


World Opinions / March 8, 2023

The New Ultramontanism and the Dissing of Vatican II

George Weigel

In its Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (Lumen Gentium), the Second Vatican Council firmly applied the brakes to “ultramontanism”—the overheated…


Syndicated Column / March 8, 2023

Black is Beautiful

Francis X. Maier

All those we love, and we ourselves, will one day go through that great black door of death. We need to acknowledge that fact and not try to evade or soften it. Without God, life really is a tragedy, and our mourning is a meaningless biochemical reaction. But our story doesn’t end there. The door has another side: a side of light, with a waiting, loving God.


Public Discourse / March 8, 2023