Doubts About Constitutional Personhood

The only plausible path to imminent legal protection of the unborn has as its first step overturning Roe and restoring abortion policy to the states.

Light from the East

Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has become one of the world’s most dynamic Catholic leaders under exceptionally challenging circumstances.

Rhode Island’s Ill-Advised Action-Civics Bill

The Rhode Island Civic Literacy Act is a partisan leftist’s dream. It essentially mandates out-of-school political activism and lobbying, the vast majority of which will be on behalf of leftist causes.

Justice Thomas Questions Censorship Power of Big Tech

A concurrence by Justice Thomas leaves us with a tantalizing question: does the First Amendment already apply to Big Tech companies because they now have more power to suppress public speech than government?

Why Is Jesus Still Wounded After His Resurrection?

All things, even broken things, can be made new again, and sometimes they can be made even more beautiful. And they need not be hidden, in shadows or in shame.

Hong Kong Calvary 2021

It is nothing short of scandalous that Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee, and other brave men and women are facing persecution without any public support from the Vatican.

True Economic Headway Ennobles the Human Spirit

Innovation is part of the special American genius. But real progress is never merely material; unless it also ennobles the human spirit, it isn’t “progress” at all.

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