The Battle for the Soul of Conservatism

One of the concerns those of us who are conservative had about the right rallying around Donald Trump is that he would have a degrading effect on conservatism itself. It hasn’t taken much time for those concerns to be realized.

Threatening Violence, Trans Activists Expel Un-PC Research At Medical Conference

The drama at a recent medical conference on care for transgender persons reveals a disturbing picture of a medical community unable or unwilling to exercise independent judgment in the face of trans rage.

What’s Up with Rape in Sweden?

Incidents of sexual assault may be up in Sweden, but the truth is more complicated than the narrative.

Kraus Revisited

Vienna in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was a hotbed of genius, and the arch-journalist, poet, and playwright Karl Kraus presided over this efflorescence of art and thought, knowing everything and everybody, making all the right friends and all the right enemies.

Bitter Harvest and the Bitter Present in Ukraine

The 21st-century war on Ukraine is the result of one man’s deliberate policy, as was the terror famine of the 1930s. Then the perpetrator was Stalin; today, the perpetrator is Vladimir Putin.

Faking it and Making it

The post-election period has been rich in ironies, mostly at the expense of the media who remain blind to them through their inveterate self-righteousness.

A Modest Defense of the “Liberal World Order”

Might it not be the case that the “liberal world order” needs fixing rather than dismantling, as some “populists” propose today?

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