The World’s Brokest “Billionaire”

If President Trump were to be reelected, he would face a reckoning on a mountain of debt.

Justice Barrett Would Extend Scalia’s Legacy

Amy Coney Barrett’s record, both as a judge and in her earlier career as a distinguished law professor at Notre Dame, shows both her profound commitment to Justice Scalia’s principles of textualism and originalism and her stellar ability to implement them.

Truman’s Terrible Choice, 75 Years Ago

President Truman authorized the use of the atomic bombs thinking, rightly, that doing so would save American and Japanese lives by shocking Japan into surrender. Given the available options, it was the correct choice.

Civilized Uncertainty

Thomas Mann never could explain what the world was, but he did a masterly job of portraying it in all its glorious and bedeviled complication.

Amy Coney Barrett: A New Feminist Icon

Feminism is changing, and Barrett’s replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will show how.

Feminists Should Be Celebrating Amy Coney Barrett

One would be hard-pressed to find a woman who has navigated the difficult trenches of career success and motherhood as ably as Amy Coney Barrett.

Trump Could Turn the Race Around With His Good Jobs News

The national economic picture looks bleak, with unemployment claims still at record highs and the unemployment rate still higher than 8 percent. State-level data, however, paints a much rosier picture for President Trump.

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