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DOBBS CENTRAL:  The Law, the Facts, and the Politics

Our compendium of the best resources on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, from EPPC scholars and other experts.


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The Contradictions of Absolute Academic Freedom

Nathanael Blake

The official moral relativism of absolute academic freedom makes universities self-negating institutions. No wonder many student activists are eager to fashion and enforce new norms and taboos: they realize, however inchoately, that a community of inquiry and instruction must also be one of practice, and that the liberal university fails to integrate these elements.


Public Discourse / October 13, 2021

Why the Transgender Revolution Can’t Transcend Human Nature

Andrew T. Walker

A new report from Europe confirms males have an innate advantage in sports.


On Not Buying Into the Mythology of “Prestige” Universities

George Weigel

The best of Catholic liberal arts education prepares students for any intellectual or professional endeavor—and does so in a far healthier environment than so-called “prestige schools.”


Syndicated Column / October 13, 2021

Judicial Precedents and Vaccine Mandates

Aaron Kheriaty

The 1905 Supreme Court Case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts is often cited to justify vaccine mandates and other Covid emergency measures. But what did that original case actually determine?


Substack / October 12, 2021

Too Many Republicans Misunderstand Reagan’s Legacy

Henry Olsen

Republicans debating what they should stand for often invoke Ronald Reagan as the ideal standard-bearer for the party. It’s a shame, then, that so many of them misunderstand the man.


The Washington Post / October 12, 2021

Why The Left Hates The Generous Givers Who Keep America’s Lights On

Nathanael Blake

The local gentry has its flaws, but the rest of us have many reasons to prefer it to the ruling national elite.


The Federalist / October 12, 2021

Zoning Emerging as a Political Issue

Stanley Kurtz

Control over zoning is a core function of local government, which means that federal and state efforts to choke off local control are direct assaults on our federalist system.


National Review Online / October 11, 2021