Founded in 1976, the Ethics and Public Policy Center is Washington, D.C.’s premier institute working to apply the riches of the Judeo-Christian tradition to contemporary questions of law, culture, and politics, in pursuit of America’s continued civic and cultural renewal.


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Applications for the 2023 Tertio Millenio Seminar in Kraków, Poland, are now open.

Application Deadline: Friday, March 31st, 2023

New Publications

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AP Teacher’s Guide Proves DeSantis Right in African-American Studies Clash

Stanley Kurtz

DeSantis was right to block this course. Indoctrination in socialism and CRT have no place in Florida schools.


National Review / February 6, 2023

“Inclusion” and Catholicism

George Weigel

Woke “inclusion” is not authentic catholicity.


Syndicated Column / February 6, 2023

Remembering an Exceptional Man: Cardinal Francis George

Francis X. Maier

We live at a moment when we urgently need the witness of good Christian men and women. In the life of the Church, we need leaders of courage and Catholic fidelity; men who will accompany the poor and the broken.


The Catholic Thing / February 6, 2023

The right prison for Adam Graham

Carl R. Trueman

The case of a Scottish rapist should—but probably won’t—transform the transgender debate


WORLD Opinions / February 6, 2023

A childless future in Japan?

Brad Littlejohn

Low fertility is a crisis, but government funding won’t solve a problem of misplaced priorities


WORLD Opinions / February 6, 2023

Identity Politics at the King’s Coronation

Carl R. Trueman

If King Charles III is going to bow to politics, then he will really be no more representative of the entire nation than Biden or Trump is representative of the United States.


First Things / February 6, 2023

“Yes, I am a Christian, just like those over there”

Carl R. Trueman

Standing with humble believers against the demands of a decadent culture


WORLD Opinions / February 6, 2023

Scholar Appearances

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VIDEO: Rachel N. Morrison on Gender Dysphoria

Bhuran Symposium / January 21, 2023

VIDEO: Rachel N. Morrison on Chemical Abortion After Roe

EWTN News In Depth / January 27, 2023

AUDIO: Stanley Kurtz on the College Board Battle

The Mark Levin Show / January 25, 2023