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DOBBS CENTRAL:  The Law, the Facts, and the Politics

Our compendium of the best resources on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, from EPPC scholars and other experts.


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New Publications

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Why I Am Challenging in Court the University of California’s Vaccine Mandate

Aaron Kheriaty

Medical exemptions for most vaccine mandates are too narrowly tailored, constraining physicians’ discretionary judgment and impairing individualized patient care. Heavy-handed mandates stigmatize and punish those who refuse to comply. Many aspects of our response to Covid no longer make sense.


Substack / September 23, 2021

Going for Broke

Stephen P. White

By almost any measure, America is the wealthiest nation in the world. Whether compared to other nations of the world today or in the past, ours stand out as perhaps the most affluent society in history. Are we better for it?


The Catholic Thing / September 23, 2021

Don’t Lose Sight of the Inflation Monster

Henry Olsen

August’s inflation report was heralded as a sign that rising prices are slowing down. If only that were true. People so want to believe that inflation is temporary that they will seize on any good news as a silver lining.


The Washington Post / September 23, 2021

Woke Corporations Defend ‘People’s’ Right to Abortion

Alexandra DeSanctis

Several dozen U.S. companies have published a statement proclaiming their support for “reproductive healthcare” and suggesting that the Texas Heartbeat Act “bans equality” in the state.


National Review Online / September 23, 2021

Something To Look Forward To

Francis X. Maier

One of the disagreeable facts about members of every elite modern leadership class—take the Boston to Washington corridor, for example—is that they tend to nibble, metaphorically, on the people they lead.


Public Discourse / September 23, 2021

Clinging to God and Grammar

Carl R. Trueman

In times past, progressive politicians described those they despised as clinging to “God and guns.” I suspect that we are not too far from a time when they will insult those they deplore for clinging to God and grammar.


First Things / September 23, 2021

Does the EEOC Really Get to Decide Whether RFRA Applies in Employment-Discrimination Lawsuits?

Rachel N. Morrison

RFRA should be available in all cases as a defense whenever the government substantially burdens religious exercise — regardless of whether the government is a party to the lawsuit.


National Review Online / September 22, 2021

Scholar Appearances

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VIDEO: Aaron Kheriaty on Vaccine Mandates and Natural Immunity

Fox News Tonight with Shannon Bream / September 13, 2021

VIDEO: Erika Bachiochi on “A Rational Feminism”

"Boyce of Reason" podcast / September 13, 2021

VIDEO: Andrew T. Walker on Religious Liberty in a Pluralistic Age on Thinking in Public Podcast

Thinking in Public podcast / September 8, 2021