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George Weigel on Ukraine

Read analysis by EPPC’s George Weigel on the latest developments regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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The Dumbest Generation Grows Up Is One Smart Book

Stanley Kurtz

In his new book, Mark Bauerlein explains the left-utopianism of young Americans more by what they are not learning than by what they’re actually taught.


National Review Online / May 20, 2022

HHS Guidance on Trans Pharmacology Raises More Questions Than It Answers

David Gortler

Observant scientists and clinicians will notice the document is most remarkable for what it doesn’t say.


Newsweek / May 19, 2022

The Nature of Our ‘Angels’

Stephen P. White

Abraham Lincoln delivered his First Inaugural Address at a time of unprecedented division and strife in our nation. Open hostilities…


The Catholic Thing / May 19, 2022

Politics Isn’t Everything, But It’s Not Nothing

Andrew T. Walker

Christians should find a balance between political excess and retreat


WORLD Opinions / May 19, 2022

Recovering the Philosophy of Conservatism

Brad Littlejohn

Yoram Hazony calls for a society built upon family, church, and nation


WORLD Opinions / May 19, 2022

The Pro-Choice Fairytale

Carrie Gress

The power of the new feminist fairytale is highly compelling, but it comes at a cost.


The Epoch Times / May 19, 2022

Dobbs Hysteria and Russian Disinformation

George Weigel

There are striking parallels between the Russian disinformation campaign that continues to foul the global communications space in the third month of the war on Ukraine and the hysterical screeds of pro-abortion American politicians after a draft Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case leaked.


Syndicated Column / May 18, 2022