New study refutes LGBT ‘born that way’ theory, ‘transgender’ labels for children

It turns out those popular soundbites about sexual orientation and gender ideology are generally wrong, writes EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson, as she and co-author Theresa Farnan unpack The New Atlantis report that dispels popular myths about sexual attraction, identity, and transgender children.


Not the Way to Do Minority Outreach

Trump may have made some good points about race in his law-and-order speech, but they don’t erase his comments on Mexicans or his foray into birtherism.

Ukraine’s Determined Will is Inspiration for Rest of World

In the face of a “solidarity deficit” in the West, men and women of character and conviction are working steadily to give the solidarity they experienced on the Maidan real effect in Ukraine’s economic, legal, and political life.

Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, Dead at 89, Was Bred to Heroism

Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, who succeeded St. Pope John Paul II as the Archbishop of Krakow, lived in a modest, self-effacing way that taught Cracovians that they could love and esteem an archbishop who was quiet but unflinchingly steadfast, as they had loved and esteemed the princely Adam Stefan Sapieha and the dynamic Karol Wojtyła.

God and Brexit

The European Union is in deep trouble because of a democracy deficit that is, at bottom, a subsidiarity-deficit caused by a God-deficit.

The Moral of the Simone Biles Story

At a time when politics is shaking national confidence, athletes like Lilly King and Simone Biles give us reasons to be proud.

The Washington Post and the Church of Me

The problem here isn’t gross ignorance about matters Catholic; the problem is that the Post is all-in for another, competing religion.


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