Chronic Condition

We are likely at a moment of sustained stalemate on health care rather than on the brink of another progressive breakthrough.

Help Wanted?

As befits his general pattern, President Trump is going about replacing his chief of staff in an absurd, shambolic fashion.

Why 42 Had to Be Impeached Twenty Years Ago

On this 20th anniversary of the Clinton impeachment, the nation should remember with gratitude those like Henry Hyde who, under fierce assault, stood for the rule of law.

Les Macronables?

While French President Emmanuel Macron is not a king, the slow motion popular resistance to his rule is more than a little reminiscent of the slow leaking of royal authority that predated the storming of the Bastille.

Denmark’s Challenge and Hamlet’s Task

The title of Shakespeare’s play—The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark—suggests that Hamlet has a public role to play in Denmark. But what is that role and how should we understand it? To do so, we must first understand what is rotten in the kingdom of Denmark—and try to understand what Hamlet the prince can and should do about it.

There’s No Easy Fix for Climate Problem

As France learned recently, short-sighted policies are not the answer to climate change.

Advent and Reform

Advent – especially this Advent, when reform is so much on our minds – is a good time to remember that everything we do depends on a God who thought shepherds round an infant lying swaddled in a Bethlehem manger would be just the thing.

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