How to Take Back American History

Our schools have buried the glory and beauty of America’s story under a mountain of misplaced guilt and tendentious ideology.

Does the Debt Matter?

Massive debt is surely a real problem. But rather than a sudden, Greek-style economic implosion, in the United States, it likely poses the threat of a gradual and incremental weakening of economic potential.

The Providential Demise of the Papal States

The sesquicentennial of the end of the Papal States is a moment to ponder the workings of divine providence in history, including the divine capacity to write straight with what may seem, at the time, crooked lines.

The Catholic Future

Taking account of the challenges facing the Church in the third millennium, and drawing lessons from the pontificates of John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis, George Weigel systematically outlines the qualities needed in the next successor of Peter in his new book The Next Pope.

The Fatuities of Professor Faggioli

There is something deeply awry in Massimo Faggioli’s understanding of contemporary China and his defense of the Vatican Ostpolitik of the late 1960s and 1970s.

Against the 1619 Curriculum

Choice and local control remain the best defenses against a suffocating national education orthodoxy.

Waiting for the “Spring”

American Catholics have grown accustomed to seeking the fruits of a healthy Church (and lamenting their absence) – plentiful vocations, widespread devotion among the faithful, solid marriages and families, flourishing ministries to the poor – while taking little care for the spiritual work that makes the Church blossom in the first place.

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