Democratic Politicians Ignore Pro-Life Women

Whatever happens, pro-life stirrings at the state level may provoke an overdue reckoning about the truth of abortion.

A Christian Gentleman in the Nation’s Capital

Former Librarian of Congress Jim Billington was a man in whom faith enlarged and amplified reason, while reason purified and deepened faith.

‘Gender-Inclusive Puberty’ Is The Latest Myth Peddled By Trans Activists

Trans activists are now teaching that bodies follow patterns, not rules; sterilizing teens is no big deal; and that there are many pathways to adult bodies.

Trump Is Now Defending War Crimes

President Trump’s brutal disregard for American values and the traditions of the U.S. military are painfully evident.

The Genius of Stephen Curry

Steph Curry isn’t the best NBA player in history, and he may not even be the best point guard. Yet what sets Curry apart from almost every other player, past or present—including Michael Jordan and LeBron James—is how he has revolutionized the game.

California Wants to Teach Kindergartners About Gender Identity. Seriously.

One doesn’t have to be a religious conservative to wonder if California’s gender-identity curriculum isn’t a misplaced policy that says more about adults’ ideology than children’s needs.

Should Democrats Avoid Female Candidates?

You can mine the data in the belief that voters are not “ready” for a woman president. But the truth is probably closer to this: The right woman candidate hasn’t run yet.

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