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DOBBS CENTRAL:  The Law, the Facts, and the Politics

Our compendium of the best resources on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, from EPPC scholars and other experts.


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New Publications

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If The Supreme Court Whiffs On Abortion, They’ll Blow Up The Conservative Legal Movement

Nathanael Blake

The Dobbs case challenging Roe v. Wade could bring grassroots conservatives back into the originalist fold, or it could ignite…


The Federalist / December 8, 2021

From Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936 to Beijing 2022

George Weigel

Anyone paying the slightest attention to world affairs knows what the Xi Jinping regime is doing in China. Holding the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in February 2022 will be an obscenity.


Syndicated Column / December 8, 2021

I Couldn’t Vote for Trump, but I’m Grateful for His Supreme Court Picks

Erika Bachiochi

If Roe goes, the pro-life movement can begin where it left off in 1973, working to convince fellow citizens (especially in blue states like mine) that we owe dependent and vulnerable unborn children what every human being is due: hospitality, respect and care.


The New York Times / December 7, 2021

Augusto Del Noce and The Problem of Atheism

Francis X. Maier

Augusto Del Noce is the most important thinker we don’t know. Del Noce viewed The Problem of Atheism, his essay collection that will be made available in English early next year, as the cornerstone of his scholarship.


Public Discourse / December 5, 2021

Restoring Trust After the Abuse Crisis

Stephen P. White

The reality is that sexual abuse – by clergy or anyone else, of minors or adults – is never going to be completely eradicated. But we can hope for a time, be it decades or centuries from now, when abuse in the Church is not seen as a global crisis.


The Catholic Thing / December 2, 2021

Culture War or Cultural Appeasement?

Carl R. Trueman

Our culture’s obsession with identity means that the culture war will demand we take a stand, one way or the other.


WORLD Opinions / December 2, 2021

Blame It on Luther?

Carl R. Trueman

Did Martin Luther cause modernity? Was it the failure of the medieval papacy? Or was it the printing press and the rise of capitalism? Until such time as we eschew the simplistic blame game and start to think more historically, we are unlikely to move beyond partisan point-scoring.


First Things / December 2, 2021

Scholar Appearances

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VIDEO/AUDIO: Ryan T. Anderson on Dobbs Oral Arguments and a Post-Roe Future

Breakpoint podcast / December 3, 2021

AUDIO: Erika Bachiochi on the Supreme Court and a Post-Roe World

Conversations with Consequences podcast / December 1, 2021

VIDEO: Ryan T. Anderson Discusses Dobbs Oral Arguments on EWTN News Nightly

EWTN News Nightly / December 1, 2021