Founded in 1976, the Ethics and Public Policy Center is Washington, D.C.’s premier institute working to apply the riches of the Jewish and Christian traditions to contemporary questions of law, culture, and politics, in pursuit of America’s continued civic and cultural renewal.


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Two Years After Dobbs

Patrick T. Brown

In June 2022, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, correctly finding that…


PDF / June 20, 2024

Abortion and Fetal Anomalies


Abortion advocates often argue that one key reason abortion should remain legal is because of its supposed necessity in cases…

Defending Life After Dobbs / June 19, 2024

EPPC Scholar Submits Comment Opposing Proposed USDA Rule That Would Gut Work Requirements for Food…

Jamie Bryan Hall

On June 14, 2024, EPPC scholar Jamie Bryan Hall submitted a public comment opposing key provisions of a USDA rule… / June 14, 2024

George Weigel Interview with Gość Niedzielny

George Weigel

Interview with George Weigel (Distinguished Senior Fellow and William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies: Ethics and Public Policy Center) Rafał…

Gość Niedzielny / June 13, 2024

The Night I Met Jürgen Moltmann

Carl R. Trueman

The Moltmann I met that night was a learned, kind man, concerned for the poor and the marginalized.


First Things / June 13, 2024

Vexillology, Horsefeathers, and “Pro-Choice” Dishonesty

George Weigel

Just when you thought American public life couldn’t get more deranged, the Great Pine Tree Flag Indictment was handed down.


Syndicated Column / June 12, 2024

The Way Forward for Pro-Lifers

Nathanael Blake

The law is a teacher, and so is social experience.


Public Discourse / June 12, 2024