The Progressive Business of Extirpating Whiteness

Too often, those who claim to speak for beleaguered minorities are actually condescending to them.

Sexual Healing

Jennifer Roback Morse’s The Sexual State provides a comprehensive, well-documented analysis of the Sexual Revolution and outlines what seems to be a more livable and politically viable alternative.

High Noon in Poland, Thirty Years Later

There was, in living memory, a brief, shining moment of moral clarity in Polish politics. It might have been hoped that the lessons of the 1980s would have led Poland to model a new depth of debate in politics, rather than recycling the shallowness and shrillness found in much of the democratic world today.

Interview: A Political Renewal?

In an interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online, EPPC Senior Fellow Peter Wehner discusses his new book and explains why he’s hopeful about politics despite the current state of affairs.

Conservative Elites Love to Defend Market Orthodoxy. Don’t Fall for It.

The New Deal’s intellectual core, that the federal government should vigorously act to correct market failures, remains at the center of what Americans expect from Washington. Donald Trump’s nomination and election proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that even a majority of Republicans agree.

Conservative Women and the Intra-Conservatism Debate

The men that are the standard-bearers of conservatism need to make a greater effort to cultivate conservative women’s voices in the public square.

Lessons of Chernobyl

The excellent HBO series Chernobyl offers an overdue glimpse into the leviathan of lies that was the Soviet system.

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