Is Immigration Good for Immigrants?

When immigration is not a free choice, when it is undertaken because of violence and fear, it is not an unqualified good for either the immigrant or the adoptive country.

Trust, Facts and the Post-Truth Political Moment

As a species, humans are ever in search of data that confirm what they want to believe, what they already believe. The inclination to do this is particularly strong in times of division and dispute, when society seems to lack reliable authority figures in various fields. And Americans are plainly living in such a moment now.

Much More than Economics

Once a week, for twelve years, economist Russ Roberts has been taking the dismal out of the dismal science in his EconTalk podcast.

A Crisis of Liberalism?

There is much to admire in Patrick Deneen’s book Why Liberalism Failed, which combines impressive learning in the history of political theory and genuine attention to the complex realities of contemporary life. But the book is also deeply flawed, and in the end its critique lacks the prudence, realism, and generosity of spirit that wiser cultural critics have demonstrated in their own deep efforts to confront the problems of modernity.

Learning from the White Rose

There is a lot of talk in the Church these days about “conscience,” and Blessed John Henry Newman is invoked by many prominent personalities in those debates. So it might be useful for all concerned, including Church leaders in the Munich where the White Rose youngsters in 1943 gave their lives for the truth, to ponder Newman’s influence on these contemporary martyrs.

Help Workers without a Trade War

Free trade benefits America and its trading partners. But President Trump is right that it doesn’t benefit everyone. Supporters of global trade ought to think about other measures governments can take to reduce the pain many individuals and communities experience.

What Is Education Good For?

Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education lays the groundwork for readers to think anew about education, what it does and ought to do, what place it holds and ought to hold in American society.

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