The “Synodality” Masquerade

Serious consultation and collaboration are essential to effective pastoral leadership, including the leadership of the Bishop of Rome. But over the 50-plus years of its existence, no one has figured out how to make the Synod of Bishops really work.

Freedom, Including Religious Freedom, Is Never Free

On the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Nine Days of John Paul II in Poland, and the leadership of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.

Parallel Lives of Donald Trump

If Plutarch studied American presidents, to which would he compare and contrast the 45th?

Fearlessness and the American Bishops in Rome

For all its faults—and they are many—the Catholic Church in the United States lives the New Evangelization better than any other local Church in the developed world.

Impeachment for Thee but Not for Me

Wouldn’t our culture be healthier if Democrats had not chosen tribalism over principle in defending Bill Clinton from impeachment? Republicans today are flirting with creating their own awful precedent.

The Irony of Catholic History: An Interview with George Weigel

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel discusses his latest book, his thoughts on Catholic-Evangelical dialogue, and more.

Republicans Might Regret Pushing Pelosi so Hard on an Impeachment Vote

Voting against the impeachment resolution will effectively insulate vulnerable House members from any blowback should impeachment prove unpopular. It’s hard to see how that helps Republican chances of defeating these members.

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