What Kind of “Believers”?

Catholicism is dying in the German-speaking world, not because the gospel has been proclaimed and found incredible or hard, but because it hasn’t been proclaimed with joy, confidence, and zeal.

Watergate, Vito Corleone and Trump’s Impeachment

The president’s foes say he’s abused the public trust. But there’s little public trust to abuse.

The Telling Taciturnity of Trump Staffers

If President Trump’s appointees won’t even stand up straight and assert their own dignity, it’s not surprising that they shrink from vindicating the honor of the United States and the rule of law.

The Model New Evangelization Bishop

In God’s providence and through his own cooperation with grace, Archbishop Charles Chaput has lived the episcopal vocation the Second Vatican Council fathers limned in an exemplary way.

Impeachment and the American Grain

Presidential inquisitions might yet become routine in a country at war with itself.

This Is Why Trump Is Right to Challenge China

What was once thought to be a regime headed for the dustbin of history instead is poised to become a challenge for freedom across the globe.

Trump’s Anti-Impeachment Strategy Is Materializing — and It Could Work

So long as President Trump’s voters remain loyal, Republicans in the House and Senate will likely stay in line no matter what they personally believe.

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