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New Publications

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Bob Menendez is right not to step down

Henry Olsen

The buzzards are circling Bob Menendez as he limps away from his federal indictment last week.

Washington Post / September 27, 2023

How Trustworthy Are Medical Organizations That Rabidly Support Until-Birth Abortion?

Nathanael Blake

A recent column in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine is a perfect example of how activists are capturing the institutions of American medicine and corrupting its soul.

The Federalist / September 27, 2023

The World Beyond Our Window

Francis X. Maier

The world beyond the window of our lives as Christians is a long line of ordinary souls in an extraordinary story; a story of salvation stretching back into history and on into the future toward a loving God.

The Catholic Thing / September 27, 2023

The White House’s ‘Misinformation’ Pressure Campaign Was Unconstitutional

Aaron Kheriaty

The government can say whatever it wants publicly; it just cannot stop other Americans from saying something else.

Newsweek / September 26, 2023

A Uniform Hike in the Retirement Age Is a Bad Idea

Henry Olsen

It would disproportionately harm working-class Americans. We need a more tailored approach to Social Security reform.


National Review Online / September 26, 2023

The transgender liability

Nathanael Blake

Surprise veto shows that opposing trans radicalism is a political winner.

WORLD Opinions / September 26, 2023

From Dignified to Disheveled

Lance Morrow

Waiving its longstanding dress code, the Senate is inviting its members to turn the place into a smelly gym or a psychiatrist’s waiting room.

City Journal / September 25, 2023

Scholar Appearances

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Erika Bachiochi on “The Burden and the Gift”

Substack / September 20, 2023

Carrie Gress isn’t falling for feminism

Washington Examiner / September 19, 2023

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty on Why Totalitarianism Doesn’t Require Gulags or Concentration Camps

Epoch TV / September 19, 2023