Constitutionalism for Realists

The 2016 election results have swelled the ranks of those convinced that our democracy is a sham, particularly on the left. But what if our constitution-bound democratic republicanism is not the problem but the solution—not a romantic delusion but the epitome of realism?

It’s Howdy Doody Time!

The jollying-up-by-dumbing-down of the liturgy bespeaks a clericalism that doesn’t trust the lay faithful to “get it” without bells and whistles. That lack of trust is offensive.

Honor Thy Father

Good husbands and fathers do a lot of good — and the key is marriage.

The Perils of Reflexively Politicizing Tragedy

As they do with every mass shooting, many liberals leapt at the opportunity to claim that the recent shooting at a congressional baseball practice “proves” the need for stricter gun control.

The Virginia Shooting: Thinking about Incitement

Leaders who justify violence for political ends offer cover to those inclined to commit horrific acts.

Way Beyond the New Atheist Nonsense

In renewing the covenant between faith and reason, the Society of Catholic Scientists serves the good of both—and of our culture.

I Alone Can Fix

Twitter is just a tool. With or without it, President Trump’s conduct would be disordered and self-sabotaging.

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