Red-State Challenge

Very few Democratic Senate incumbents in Trump-carried states should feel safe despite their early poll advantages. Most will have to fight hard against the pull of their states’ Republican tendencies.

Putin Is Obsessed with the Magnitsky Act. Does Trump Understand?

Those who follow relations with Russia know that Vladimir Putin used the fate of Russian orphans to retaliate against the United States for the Magnitsky Act.

Going Local in a Troubled Time

Finding local solutions to national problems offers an approach better fitting of the diversity of American communities.

A Caveat on the Great Tom Wolfe

Now that Tom Wolfe and Gus Grissom have both crossed what Wolfe once called the Halusian Gulp, one hopes these two American patriots are reconciled. Both had the right stuff.

What We Can Learn about Abortion from the Thailand Cave Disaster

Ultrasound is like the cameras that captured images of the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand. It reveals the humanity of those inside a dark, inaccessible place.

NeverTrump Bait and Switch: They Hate the Ideas, Not the Man

NeverTrump Republicans face a time for choosing. The data clearly show that a return to the Republican Party and conservatism of 2000 is not possible, either within the GOP itself or in the nation at large.

The Kavanaugh Paper Flow

A review of all the paperwork that circulated through Brett Kavanaugh’s office when he was staff secretary would pretty much amount to a review of all the paperwork that circulated through the White House in those years, and yet would also reveal essentially nothing about Kavanaugh. It would mostly amount to a monumental waste of the Senate’s time.

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