Yes, Undocumented Immigrants Take Jobs from Americans. Here’s the Proof.

People who support high levels of low-skilled immigration often claim that immigrants do work that native-born residents won’t. The facts surrounding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids of seven Mississippi chicken processing plants show how untrue that claim is.

What Hong Kong Means for the U.S.

The protesters in the streets of Hong Kong have once again reminded us of the power of the U.S. example—even as our leaders seem less committed to it.

Elizabeth Warren Is Gaining Ground. But Her Path to the Nomination Is Harder Than You Think.

Elizabeth Warren has become the flavor du jour in the Democratic presidential race on the back of two strong debate performances. But her polling numbers suggest passing former vice president Joe Biden will be a much harder task.

A Rough Summer in the Empire State

As the unfolding mess in New York shows, dealing with the legal implications of the abuse crisis alone consumes an inordinate amount of the Church’s time and energy, to say nothing of money. Such demands are likely to grow more acute in the short term.

Heroism and Priesthood, Dachau and Amazonia

The heroes of Dachau’s priest-barracks found a way to keep sacramental life alive, in full fidelity to the Church’s tradition. Is that impossible in Amazonia? Or elsewhere?

Melinda Gates Is Wrong: Birth Control Isn’t Poverty Control

Even if the poor do achieve a momentary “lift” from the widespread use of artificial contraceptives, as Melinda Gates contends, it is a lift that will likely have no lasting impact. You don’t eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor.

If China Cracks down on Hong Kong, Trump Should Extend His Tariffs

President Trump should not stand idly by if the Chinese government chooses to use force against protesters in Hong Kong.

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