Of Leaks, Links and Lies

We have now arrived at the point where the crime is the cover-up and just because it covers something up, whether the information reserved from the media be incriminating or only embarrassing — or even completely innocuous.

Stop Making Excuses for Greg Gianforte’s Assaulting a Reporter

President Trump has corrupted a great many people and shattered norms. Those whose moral compass has long since been stashed in the bottom drawer defending the indefensible piled on to applaud Greg Gianforte’s thuggishness.

Louisiana Succeeds Where Middlebury Failed

A campus free-speech bill passed by the Louisiana legislature, like the proposal it is modeled on, systematically addresses the need to discipline students who shout-down visiting speakers.

Congressional Testimony: The State of Social Capital in America Today

Politics cannot solve our country’s 21st century dilemmas. But it can play a role in helping us to solve them. And it can begin to play that role by coming to understand the purpose of government as enabling Americans to better help one another.

As Trump Meets the Pope, Trump’s Detractors are Still Failing to Persuade His Catholic Voters Away from Him

Attempts to stymie President Trump politically by delegitimizing him religiously reek of opportunism.

In Fond Memory of Peter Augustine Lawler upon His Sudden Death

Lawler’s influence as a teacher and thinker was a function of his gregarious humor and charm, his talent for friendship, and his sheer brilliance. But ultimately, it likely had to do above all with the distinct worldview he articulated, which has done an enormous amount to deepen, humanize, and enrich contemporary conservatism.

Health Care Needs a Soul

Amazing advances in the science of healing have not always been complemented by parallel advances in wisdom about the ways in which the new technological capabilities we possess should be deployed. The health care profession needs a soul as well as a mind.

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