Lance Morrow Becomes EPPC’s Henry Grunwald Senior Fellow

September 21, 2017

Ethics and Public Policy Center President Ed Whelan today announced the appointment of Lance Morrow as EPPC’s Henry Grunwald Senior Fellow.

Mr. Morrow, who joined EPPC earlier this year as a visiting fellow, is an essayist and journalist whose work appeared for many years in TIME magazine. The fellowship honors the late Henry Grunwald, the distinguished former editor-in-chief of Time Inc. and United States ambassador to Austria.

As Henry Grunwald Senior Fellow at EPPC, Mr. Morrow will write essays and op-ed articles for various publications while continuing his work on a book about Henry Luce and the impact of his magazines, especially TIME, Life, and Fortune, in the formation of American public opinion and culture in the twentieth century.

“I worked for Henry Grunwald on hundreds of projects when he was managing editor at TIME,” said Mr. Morrow. “He was my friend and my favorite editor. I am proud and honored that my work will once more be connected with his name, with his standards of excellence, and with his passionate thoughtfulness about this country where he found refuge as a teenager fleeing Nazi rule in his native Austria.”

“We are delighted to have Lance join us full-time in our new position of Henry Grunwald Senior Fellow,” said Mr. Whelan. “Our deepest thanks to the generous donors who made this possible.”

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