EPPC Amicus Brief Takes Aim at Anti-Scott Walker Shenanigans in Wisconsin

March 20, 2015

The Ethics and Public Policy Center has filed an amicus brief (PDF) in a Wisconsin Supreme Court case involving a secretive investigation targeting Governor Scott Walker and his allies. In the latest phase of the Kafka-esque “John Doe” ordeal, a special prosecutor has filed a secret motion to disqualify the state supreme court justices who might put an end to the witch hunt.

EPPC’s motion, which explains how the reported basis of the secret motion to disqualify is thoroughly unsound, is supported by excellent affidavits from legal-ethics experts Ronald D. Rotunda (pp. 26-38 of the filing) and Michael Krauss (pp. 85-90).

“The politicization of the criminal-justice system is utterly antithetical to the rule of law,” said EPPC President Ed Whelan. “There’s compelling evidence that the prosecutor in Wisconsin who initiated the bizarre ‘John Doe’ investigation against Scott Walker and his supporters did so because he and his wife fervently opposed Governor Walker’s battle against public-sector unions. This travesty should end.”

EPPC offers its special thanks to James R. Troupis and Paul M. Ferguson (both of Troupis Law Office LLC) for their excellent and generous work in preparing the amicus brief.

Brief of the Ethics and Public Policy Center

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