The Transgender Revolution in the Classroom: What Parents Need to Know

September 22, 2021

Transgender ideology is flooding public school classrooms. What does this mean for our children? And what can parents do? This webinar from the Ethics and Public Policy Center equips parents with the knowledge and insights they need to recognize and resist the promotion of transgender ideology in public schools—and to protect their children from the transgender revolution. Please join EPPC Fellows Patrick T. Brown (Fellow in Family Policy) and Mary Rice Hasson (Person and Identity Project) and author Maria Keffler (Desist, Detrans, Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult) as they share expertise, sound advice, and the latest research in an engaging conversation led by Catholic Studies Program Coordinator Ella Ramsay. Essential listening for parents of school-age children!

About the Participants

Patrick T. Brown is a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where his work focuses on developing a robust pro-family economic agenda and supporting families as the cornerstone of a healthy and flourishing society. Prior to joining EPPC, Brown served as a Senior Policy Advisor to Congress’ Joint Economic Committee (JEC), where he published reports on child care affordability and education policy. He helped lead research about how to make it more affordable to raise a family and more effectively invest in youth and young adults for the JEC’s Social Capital Project.

Mary Rice Hasson is the Kate O’Beirne Fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. She also directs EPPC’s Catholic Women’s Forum, a network of Catholic professional women and scholars seeking to amplify the voice of Catholic women in support of human dignity, authentic freedom, and Catholic social teaching, and leads EPPC’s Person and Identity Project, which assists the Church in promoting the Catholic vision of the human person and responding to the challenges of gender ideology.

Maria Keffler is a parent and teacher, and a co-founder of both Partners for Ethical Care and the Arlington Parent Coalition (Arlington, VA, USA), as well as the author of Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult. Maria writes, speaks, and advocates on parents’ rights and children’s protections, and her work has been featured in the Washington Post, the Federalist, Uncommon Ground Media, and Choice Media. Maria lives in Arlington, VA, with her husband and three teenagers.

Ella Sullivan Ramsay is the program coordinator for EPPC’s Catholic Studies Program, which includes the Catholic Women’s Forum and the Person and Identity Project. Prior to joining EPPC, Mrs. Ramsay interned for the Initiative on Faith and Public Life at the American Enterprise Institute and worked as the Social Media Specialist for EWTN Vatican. She graduated in 2020 from the University of Dallas with a BA in Politics and International Studies. 

Additional Resources

Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult

By Maria Keffler

Partners for Ethical Care

Blindsided when a child suddenly announces a transgender identity, many parents today find their families under assault by an insidious predator: the billion-dollar gender industry. Schools, healthcare providers, politicians, and an aggressive activism machine are coercing people—and especially children—down a destructive path of medicalization in the name of transgender medicine. Caught in the maelstrom of gender identity politics, medical experimentation, and a cultural zeitgeist that paints the family as an oppressor, parents are lied to from every quarter, and told they must consent to their children’s gender transition and medicalization. But there is a different—and saner—path. Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult provides a roadmap to help families navigate the treacherous terrain of gender indoctrination, and bring their children back to reality and safety.

Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It’s Too Late

By Mary Rice Hasson and Theresa Farnan

Regnery Gateway

Should we stay or should we go? Millions of parents with children in public schools can’t believe they’re asking this question. But they are. And you should be asking it too. Almost overnight, America’s public schools have become morally toxic. And they are especially poisonous for the hearts and minds of children from religious families of every faith—ordinary families who value traditional morality and plain old common sense. Parents’ first duty is to their children—to their intellect, their character, their souls. The facts on the ground point to one conclusion: get out now.

For research and medical information on gender dysphoria and the transgender question, see the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) 

Op-Ed by Patrick T. Brown in Washington Examiner: “Where School Choice Legislation Falls Short

Report by Joint Economic Committee’s Social Capital Project: “Multiple Choice: Increasing Pluralism in the American Education System