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A Return to Augustinian Economics

Despite belonging to an organization that recently celebrated its founder’s two thousandth birthday, some American Catholics exhibit the attention span of fruit flies when their faith impinges on their politics. Recent responses to Benedict XVI’s Caritas in Vertitate (“Charity in Truth”) closely parallel those that greeted the last economic encyclicals: John Paul II’s Sollicitudo rei […]

The Preacher as Economist vs. "The Economist as Preacher"

**Note: Click here to download a copy of this transcript with complete footnotes. **  A Faith & Law Lecture Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C., 30 May 2008 I’d like to thank Faith & Law for spoiling its hitherto spotless record of excellence by inviting me to present one of its lectures. As you know, Faith & […]

The Three World Views in Economics

Introductory remarks to the book awards panel Templeton Enterprise Awards Symposium Ethics and Public Policy Center — ISI Washington, DC, 3 April 2008 Our book and article award panelists will span 2,300 years today and range from Aristotle to Augustine, Aquinas, Hume, Adam Smith, Kant, Tocqueville and Hannah Arendt to Michael Novak. I am an […]

The Preacher as Economist vs. The Economist as Preacher

Keynote address to the Panel on “Economics and Secularism” Princeton University October 11, 2003 John D. Mueller1 I’d like to thank our sponsors—the James Madison Program at Princeton University, the Princeton University Center for Human Values, The Center for Research on Religion and Urban Society at the University of Pennsylvania, and The Providence Forum—for inviting […]

John Paul II’s "Renewal" of the Church’s Economic Thought

My task is to serve as a springboard for discussion of the economic thought of John Paul II. Even apart from the fact that many people in this room are more qualified than I am, this is a lot to accomplish in 20 minutes. I plan only to touch on some broad themes, letting the […]