Interview: Signs of Hope for the Renewal of America

In his new book, EPPC Hertog Fellow Yuval Levin looks at our fractured republic and sees signs of hope.

The Joint Budget Resolution: A More Collaborative Budget Process

Fixing the federal budget process is not a panacea. But a better process could make it easier for Congress and the president to agree on a budget framework.

Should Never Trump People Get Over It?

The Never Trump commitment is not a matter of being excessively fastidious or too good for this world. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would do damage to the nation.

Biblical Preaching and Healing the Culture

If Catholics in the United States are going to be healers of our wounded culture, we’re going to have to learn to see the world through lenses ground by biblical faith.


Donald Trump’s Aggressive Ignorance

Donald Trump has zero interest in ideas. He has no governing agenda and no attachment to any political philosophy. He merely makes it up as he goes.

AFFH Has No Basis in the Fair Housing Act

President Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation is federal overreach on steroids, and deserves to be repealed and repudiated, not only on policy grounds but out of basic respect for the democratic process.

Bathroom Guidelines Open Cultural Fault Line

The Obama Administration’s latest “guidance” confirms that schools are ground zero for the promotion of gender ideology. But even ideologues can’t change reality — and it’s up to us to have the courage to say so.


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