Ezekiel Emanuel’s Confused Health-Care Argument

Ezekiel Emanuel is wrong that the health-care reform plans offered by Scott Walker and Marco Rubio would result in much higher premiums for the middle class.

Clinton, Trump and the Politics of Self-Destruction

Donald Trump, if he were to win the nomination, would do catastrophic damage to the Republican Party. But the Democratic Party, if it were to nominate Hillary Clinton, would be inviting a different kind of disaster.

Money and Inequality

Though most economic inequality–both between and within countries–is due to differences in what Nobel economics laureate Theodore W. Schultrz called ‘human capital’,’ the current monetary system also breeds systematic economic inequality among American households.

What The Left And Right Don’t Get About Campus Rape

There is a problem on campus, but it isn’t patriarchy or traditional masculinity. It’s the ideology that insists on doubling down on the mistakes of the sexual and feminist revolutions.

Higher Education and Liberal Education

Market-oriented reforms to higher education could, perhaps surprisingly, create more space for traditional liberal education to flourish.

Have Republicans Grown Tired of Supporting the Rule of Law?

President Obama’s legacy is a profound weakening of respect for law and tradition, and to effectively counter Donald Trump’s emergence, Republicans must make the case that the answer to Obamaism is a return to law.

Catacomb Time?

While it is true that the Church in the United States is going to have to fight hard, both internally and externally, to maintain the Catholic integrity and identity of what Profesor Joseph Ratzinger called those “edifices . . . built in prosperity,” there is no reason to think that that fight is already lost and that it’s time to head for the catacombs.

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