Can Republican Men Criticize Hillary?

Any criticism of Hillary Clinton is presumptive sexism, while her attacks on opponents are unrestricted. Neat trick if you can pull if off — and she can if Republicans accept the bridle.

Liberty Needs the Strong Families and Communities that Reformocons Emphasize

The conservative vision of society is moved by a low opinion of the capacity of individuals to address complex problems even as it is informed by a high regard for the rights and freedoms of those individuals. So it seeks social arrangements that counterbalance human ignorance and vice while respecting human liberty and dignity.

The Catholic Church’s German Problem

German Catholicism is in crisis because German Catholics have not embraced the Lord Jesus and his Gospel with passion, conviction and joy, and are seeking their happiness elsewhere.

What Catholics Forget About World Affairs

For quite some time now, commentary on world politics by leading Catholic officials, here and at the Vatican, has been marked by a certain softness, occasionally bordering on the surreal, that is a continual amazement to non-Catholics in the more Realist sectors of the foreign-policy community.

Reclaiming Citizenship

We live in a legal culture besotted by the myth of judicial supremacy. A new book on the Constitution dispels with admirable clarity this and other myths.


Why Religion Will Dominate the 21st Century

The actual trends of religiosity across the world suggest that the 20th century was probably the high point of secularization.

A Bad Proposal

The tools of modern political science are not capable of generating meaningful insights into whether in-group bias affects judicial decision-making.

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