Seeking President, No Experience Necessary

The struggle within the Republican Party right now centers on those who, figuratively speaking, want to rebuild the village and those who want to burn it down.

Synod 2015 Hopes

One key hope for Synod 2015: that it challenges the world (and the people of the Church) to rediscover the truth that there are truths built into human beings and into their relationships.

The Hillarycare Sequel to Obamacare

Hillary Clinton paved the way for Obamacare with the plan she pushed as first lady in 1993 and 1994. If elected, she will “build upon” Obamacare with more government control.

Letter to Synod Fathers from Catholic Women

The “Letter to the Synod Fathers from Catholic Women,” coordinated by the Catholic Women’s Forum, brings to the public square the much-needed voice of Catholic women who support the Church’s teachings on sexuality, marriage, and family.


Pope Francis and Those Radical, Permanent Things

Although the messages delivered by Pope Francis on his U.S. visit will inevitably be cherry-picked to advance particular causes, they simply doesn’t fit the conventional Left/Right categories of our politics (including our ecclesiastical politics).

The Coming Process of Candidate Elimination

Polls right now aren’t screening out the candidates who would have no chance of ever winning the 2016 presidential election. But that time will come.

The Next Speaker’s Agenda

There is an obvious and appropriate policy platform that candidates for the speakership should champion and that congressional Republicans should develop: an agenda of congressional reassertion.

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