Scott Walker’s Tax Populism

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has eschewed the typical supply-side orthodoxy in favor of an economically successful – and politically popular – alternative.


Men Such As These: A Memorial Day Reflection

The Doolittle Raiders were brave men and patriots, the products of an imperfect but intact public culture that nurtured millions of heroes like them.


Have Democrats Pulled Too Far Left?

For demographic reasons, many Democrats believe that they are riding a tide of presidential inevitability. They may want to rethink that.


What Is the Huckabee Plan for Social Security?

Governor Huckabee claims to be representing average Americans against the rich and powerful, but his opposition to reasonable Social Security reforms would force tax hikes on the middle class.

‘The Silencing’ of the American College

Compared to 2014’s pugilistic commencement season, 2015’s pomp and circumstance have seemed positively decorous—at least on the surface.


Counting Up Obama’s Cataclysmic Foreign Policy Failures

What are the worst foreign policy failures of Barack Obama’s presidency? The list is long; here are several to choose from.

Can Republican Men Criticize Hillary?

Any criticism of Hillary Clinton is presumptive sexism, while her attacks on opponents are unrestricted. Neat trick if you can pull if off — and she can if Republicans accept the bridle.


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