A ‘Brexit’ Wouldn’t be the Economic Calamity You’ve been Warned About

The EU needs a swift rebuke. The British people should give it to them.

Certitude and Seeking the Truth

The purpose of debating isn’t so much to win an argument as it is to deepen our understanding of how things really and truly are. It isn’t to out-shout an opponent but, at least now and then, to listen to them, to weight their arguments with care, and even to learn from them.

Anger and Citizenship

A passionate politics, informed and disciplined by reason, can be a politics of the intelligence, a politics of great ideas: a politics, if you will, of sound moral judgment. And sound moral judgment is rarely, if ever, the child of anger.

Manners Makyth Man

One of the many legacies of revolutionary Marxism to the progressive left and, through it, to the popular culture, is the belief that manners are a bourgeois relic that have no place in a world which prizes personal authenticity above all.

What’s Wrong with the Humanities?

The humanities are declining because too many humanities scholars are alienating students and the public with their opacity, triviality, and irrelevance.

The ACA and Its Employment Effects

Obamacare is very likely to reduce hours worked and total compensation, as predicted by the Congressional Budget Office. But it may take some time for these effects to be clearly visible in aggregate economic data.

Gain Some Iranian Contracts, Lose Your Civilization

If Italy’s recent gestures of cravenness were not evidence of a crisis of civilizational morale in its terminal, or hospice-care, stage, it’s unclear what would be.

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