How Government-Run Health Care Happens

In the health system envisioned by the administration, HHS will direct how hospitals and doctors are to care for patients. If that’s not government-run health care, what is?

The Deal Obama Should Have Made With Cuba

President Obama wasted an opportunity to secure the freedom of thousands of Cuban political prisoners.


Time to Arrest the Federal Criminalization Spree

A new rule adopted by the U.S. House is an important step toward weaning Congress off its overcriminalization addiction.

Westminster Abbey and Charlie Hebdo

The vacuum in what was once the Christian culture of Western Europe has been filled by a kind of nihilism that allows jihadism to flourish.


Nonsense on ‘Sixty Minutes’

A recent TV segment on Catholic Church offered nothing but a tired old ’60s tune.

Obama’s Words v. Reality

Once again, President Obama’s words don’t measure up to the truth about America’s foreign policy.

The Smartest Guy Ever to Be President Isn’t Quite As Smart As He Thinks

The president’s long list of failures undercuts his supposed foreign policy brilliance.

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