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The Republican Party Needs Union Workers

Amazon’s victory over attempts to unionize its Bessemer, Ala., warehouse surely gladdens the hearts of many anti-union Republicans. But a party that wants to be representative of America’s working class must have a more constructive reaction.

Conservatives’ Debate over Their Future Is Going to Be Bitter and Fierce

The blowback over Sen. Marco Rubio’s recent speech at Catholic University shows that debate over conservatism’s future is going to be bitter and fierce.

If the Economy Keeps Its Momentum, 2020 Will Be Trump’s to Lose

If the economy keeps its momentum, even the Mueller report or President Trump’s failure to trumpet his success might not prevent him from winning a second term.

An Opening for a Party of Reality

Republicans and Democrats alike encourage victimhood. We need a party that will address the true problems we face.

Don’t Ask Government For Love

Describing our troubles as the result of bad faith on the part of our leaders, or “worship” of capitalism, is infantilizing and manipulative.

Market Fundamentalism or Love of Country?

Treating economic action as a solely private preserve, any attempt to regulate or interfere in the terms of trade or the allocation of capital has been attacked by intellectual conservatism and its increasingly powerful libertarian allies. The fact that this has made ever more and more of industrial America a wasteland littered with closed factories, abandoned houses, and dollar stores doesn’t matter to these market fundamentalists.

The Populism Debates

Markets sometimes offer ways to solve problems from the bottom up and to allow for an edifying diversity of solutions to coexist at once, and so can be allied to the logic underlying a commitment to civil society. And yet, markets and a traditional moral order characterized by commitments to family, faith, community, and country can also be in very great tension with one another.

Mitt Romney’s Op-Ed Crystallizes All the Reasons the Old GOP Establishment Has Been Pushed Aside

Anyone who wants to lead today’s Republican Party must reckon with the concerns of voters—including millions of working-class supporters of President Trump—and create a future America that these Americans can feel at home in. Sadly, Mitt Romney does not appear to be up to that task.

Can Ohio’s Sherrod Brown Return the Dems to Blue-Collar Roots?

Many observers think that Sherrod Brown could be a formidable opponent for President Trump should he gain the Democratic nomination. The evidence, however, suggests that might be easier said than done.

Trump Won’t Get a Deal with a Border Wall. Here’s a Better Approach.

Building the wall won’t expand President Trump’s political support, nor will it solve the real problem we have with illegal immigration.