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The Contested Meaning of Women’s Equality

However much we might like our daughters and sons to see their fundamental equality emblazoned in the text of the Constitution, strict equality will not give mothers and fathers the support they need. A more intentional and robust family policy, on the other hand, just might.

The Left Doesn’t Understand Women

Exit polls show that Donald Trump tightened race and gender gaps while winning a majority of married women.

Seen, Not Heard: The Challenges of Cancel Culture for Women

“Cancel culture” on Instagram threatens authentic progress on ideas that are so central to womanhood. It would be better for all of us if we worked to foster an online atmosphere where each woman feels welcome and safe in speaking the truth from her heart.

How Women Made the Moral Case for Suffrage

The suffragists worked for seventy years to convince both males and other females that women ought to share in the political responsibilities of republican government. The arguments that won the day one hundred years ago should help us think correctly about rights today.

Pardon Me? Pro-Life Heroine Anthony Left a Lasting Pro-Life Legacy

Susan B. Anthony believed that by directly challenging unjust laws, she was not just being a good citizen of the United States, but she was remaining obedient to God, who created both man and woman in his image and likeness.

Conservative Women and the Intra-Conservatism Debate

The men that are the standard-bearers of conservatism need to make a greater effort to cultivate conservative women’s voices in the public square.

Should Democrats Avoid Female Candidates?

You can mine the data in the belief that voters are not “ready” for a woman president. But the truth is probably closer to this: The right woman candidate hasn’t run yet.

Biden and the Problem of Touch

Before we close the books with the #MeToo conclusion that touching is “problematic,” we might want to consider some other evidence that suggests we aren’t touching enough.

Can Feminists Cure What Ails Men?

Leading feminists would do well to remove their women-centric blinders and examine the situation of young men more sympathetically.

Why I Write

Feminism was supposed to expand women’s choices, and in some ways it did, but by devaluing marriage, it has left many women — especially those with less education — struggling to handle all of the responsibilities of parenthood on their own. But it’s possible to reverse these trends.