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The Soul of Pope St. John Paul II

We do not grasp John Paul II “from inside” unless we begin from the understanding that he was first and foremost a radically converted Christian disciple.

Transforming Quarantine Into Retreat

This bruising Lent, in which “fasting” has assumed unprecedented new forms, seems likely to be followed by an Eastertide of further spiritual disruption. At the very least, the dislocations we experience call us to a more profound realization of our dependence on the divine life given us in Baptism.

WYD-1993: The Turning Point

World Youth Day 1993 was a turning point in the history of the Catholic Church in the United States, and its effects are still being felt on this silver jubilee.

Fridays without Charles

Everyone has Charles Krauthammer stories, and I’m no exception.

Homelands and Social Doctrines

With John Paul II, a distinctive personal experience refined and extended the classic social doctrine tradition. John Paul was not imposing an idiosyncratic view on the world Church—which is in fact something no pope should do.