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Atheistic Humanism vs. the “Message from Jerusalem”

American culture is now dominated by people convinced that biblical religion must be expunged from the public square in the name of freedom, authenticity, and the Self.

The Message from Jerusalem

American society faces a deep crisis of meaning to which the city, and the idea, of Jerusalem has an answer. It is needed by Jews, and as much or more by Christians.

If Democrats Want to Protect the Rule of Law, They Can’t Rush the Mueller Report

Democrats might contemplate whether they would rather see special counsel Robert Mueller’s full, unredacted report or whether they would prefer that the prosecutions he initiated proceed as planned, without the additional wildcard of the unredacted report thrown into the mix.

The Barr Letter Interlude

When we look back upon the sordid story of the Trump campaign, Russia, and the special counsel’s investigation, we won’t remember its conclusion as defined by Attorney General Barr’s letter but by Special Counsel Mueller’s report.