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Pondering the Glory of America: Wilfred M. McClay’s Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story

A land of hope is one that is ever moving toward a better future but also one that must see its limitations and appreciate how to work within the context of limitation. Wilfred McClay’s account of America ultimately points readers toward this seeming contradiction which, in his woven-together story of the country, reveals itself in the end as the glory of living out tensions inherent in the human condition.

Rediscovering Kirk

Given the confused and dispirited state of American conservatism at the present moment, it is high time for a Russell Kirk revival.

From Anti-War Pastor to Pro-Life Priest

A new biography captures Richard John Neuhaus’s deep sense of vocation and the complexity of his personality.

On the Need for Erasure

The omnivorous, placeless, and decontextualized permanence of the Internet contrasts sharply, even jarringly, with the ephemeral and whimsical and personal and intimate character—some of it potentially embarrassing and even damaging—of so many of the things we are posting on it.