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When Amazon Pulled My Book on Transgender Issues, It Tried to Shut Down Debate

People with gender dysphoria aren’t faking it and their situation is tragic. But there is genuine disagreement about the best treatment.

Amazon Won’t Let You Read My Book

“When Harry Became Sally” addresses the scientific, medical, political and philosophical issues at the heart of our national debate on transgender issues. We should have that debate, and Amazon shouldn’t get in the way.

INTERVIEW: Ryan T. Anderson Was Made for This Moment

EPPC President Ryan T. Anderson talks with Rod Dreher of The American Conservative about Amazon’s book ban, the Equality Act, and the key issues facing social conservatives in the years ahead.

When Amazon Erased My Book

Three years after publication, in the same week that the House of Representatives plans to ram through the Equality Act—a radical transgender bill amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964—Amazon has erased EPPC President Ryan T. Anderson’s book opposing gender ideology from its cyber shelves.